Writing Contests – 10 Tips and Advantages For Participating in a Writing Contest

Are you a beginning writer or an experienced author and want to establish yourself as an authority expert in your field of knowledge?

When you enter a writing contest, you gain experience, and hopefully, you get feedback on your writing.

If you choose to enter a writing contest, there are many advantages that a writing competition can offer you. Let’s look at 10 tips and advantages that will help your writing career soar, while bringing attention to your name, and helping you earn extra cash, perks, or bonuses in the process.

1. Entering a writing contest gets your creative juices flowing.

Good creative writing contests have a defined topic or theme that helps a writer focus on what needs to be written. Some writers need a creative boost to encourage them to sit down and write.

2. When you enter a writing contest, you improve your ability to set a deadline and deliver the content on schedule.

One of the biggest challenges a new writer faces is dedicating the time to their own writing projects. When a writer pays money to enter a writing contest, that writer is more apt to create the document and submit it to a contest.

3. Getting recognized for your writing establishes you as an authority figure, and gives you exposure.

When you win, place, or receive an Honorable Mention in a writing contest, that “win” gives you recognition in the industry, and a definite forward push in the resume department where you can brag about your well-earned accomplishments.

4. Writing contests challenge you to believe in yourself and the writing skills that you possess.

When you listen to that inner voice that urges you to move forward with your writing career, that challenge is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

5. Many writing contests will post a list of the top 10 or 20 honorable mentions, which gets your name out there for possible new revenue streams.

Regardless if a writing contest charges a fee or not, the advantage is writing the piece, submitting it, and winning…even if it’s just a credit to your name that you entered the contest and did better than the majority of writers. You’ve achieved a name for yourself, and you can make money when people know you for your writing or the topics you write about.

6. When you follow the contest guidelines, rules, and regulations, you have a 90 percent better chance to win than most of the entrants.

This aspect alone is one of the top 10 reasons why writers’ submissions are rejected in a writing contest. What is so difficult about following the rules, or creating a checklist for the items you must do before submitting your entry?

7. When placing in the top 3 positions in any writing competition, you have a valuable edge and credential that you can add to your writing resume.

Do you remember when you were in grade school and you did something so remarkable that your teacher praised you in front of the entire class? Entering a writing contest and winning it is like being in grade school…except that you can earn money from winning a contest, and you’ve earned another selling point to add to your resume.

8. Entering a writing contest opens the doors for more cash and writing assignments.

Let’s face it; when you enter a writing competition, you can win cash, valuable prizes, and even paid writing assignments, based on your contest entry. Does it get any easier than that?

9. Entering a writing contest boosts your self-confidence, which encourages you to write more pages.

It’s not a question of whether you won or didn’t win a writing contest. The point is that you entered the contest, you paid your fee, and you wrote your entry. Why is that important? Entering a writing contest and actually completing everything on the checklist helps to boost your morale. If nothing else, you now know that you have the skills and motivation to write more articles, enter more contests, or write your book.

10. When you enter a writing contest and win one of the top 3 prizes, you can easily earn cash or publishing prizes that could launch your writing career.

The cold hard truth is that if you don’t get recommended by someone, or put your writing out there for the world to read, or attempt to enter any contests, no one will find you. However, by just entering one great writing contest you could earn cash, valuable services, prizes, and writing assignments that you never dreamed possible.

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