Why Choose WordPress For Your Blog Software?

It’s wise to start your blog on a good note. It’s difficult to change software and start over again once you have your site going. Blogging for free? When you get something for free, the quality might be lacking and you will likely be forced to have undesirable advertisements on your site that you have no control over.

If it’s within your budget at all, pay someone for website hosting and verify that your server can work with WordPress.

Unless you are a computer wiz, be sure that whichever hosting company you select to host your blog includes  Fantastico in the package. WordPress is automatically installed with Fantastico. The other option is to install the software yourself, which is difficult.

WordPress is easy to use and you do not need to be a computer programmer to be able to use it. It works as soon as it is installed, and you can begin blogging right away.

What makes WordPress better than others? It has the most users, it is well established, and it is stable.  A wide variety of themes are available. (The appearance and feel of your blog can be altered with themes.) Unless you want to alter a function that cannot be done with ‘canned’ plug-ins, it is unnecessary to have any knowledge of designing or coding.

You have the entire administrative control with your blog. There are so many things that you can do. The user management functions are excellent. For instance, authors can write articles and, upon approval, editors can publish those articles, while administrators can alter the design of the blog — but none will have “permissions” to do or alter the work of others.

Useful functions can be added to your blog when you enable Plug-ins. You have the option of making your own plug-ins with PHP or by selecting a third-party plug-in. Plug-ins can be located on the WordPress website. A plethora of them are available and they can do almost anything you can imagine — there is even one plug-in that will generate an XML sitemap of your site for Google.

Don’t waste hours of your time only to have to tear it all down and convert it over.

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