What Is The Best Video Phone?

The digital revolution is taking over. Every single technology is transforming to become digital. It is now the time of home telephone service to join the club. In America we are currently experiencing the shift from analog phone service (telephone poles and wires) to digital phone services. In its most basic form what this means is our phones now operate over the Internet. In a matter of a few short years every home in our country will be Internet based.

Since the technology is changing it follows that the actual telephone device itself will need to evolve as well. Analog phones will soon become obsolete. Therefore we will all need to acquire new telephones and new telephone service. You can choose to remain with a traditional cordless phone if you so desire, but why not upgrade your equipment along with your service? Especially when this upgrade will not cost you an arm and a leg? In fact, highly advanced technology is available at an extremely competitive cost.

Internet video phones are far superior to regular telephones and cost almost the same amount of money. That’s right! You can own the very best video phone for about the same price as a cordless phone. The great part is video phones offer all sorts of features regular phones do not, starting with video capabilities! Imagine being able to see the person you are talking to. It’s the future, today!

This concept alone is thrilling. No more worrying about your elderly parents. No more missing out on family events due to distance and travel. No more feeling guilty or remorse for living far away from loved ones. No more worrying about money to travel in order to keep up relationships. With digital phone service you can even conduct a video meeting for business. Do you have business associates across the country or even in other parts of the globe? No problem, maintain the face to face, personal contact with video VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

Futuristic forms of communication such as shown in movies and even TV shows like “The Jetsons” are no longer fantasy. VOIP video phones are here. This technology is available right now at the same price as what you are paying for regular, outdated analog service. On top of this, digital phone service monthly fees are probably less than what your current phone bill is. Thanks to decreased costs to implement and run phones digitally, that savings has been passed right along to consumers, allowing you to receive better service, higher quality, many more standard features along with video capabilities, all for  the same price or less than what you are used to paying.

Now is the time to get in on the digital phone revolution. Since we are on the cusp of this new wave, competition is minimal and prices are a bargain. Don’t let the optimal time pass you by.

I have prepared a detailed FREE report on all the benefits home video phones have to offer. Take a few minutes to read it and pick the best video phone for you. I’ve also created a short video for you to watch as an introduction to the value of these improved phones. Click here for both.

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