What Geronimo Stilton Can Teach You About Life

There is perhaps no better way of teaching children some morals and life lessons than through books and stories. By telling them stories of fictional characters that go through different kinds of adventures all day, it will be easier to catch their attention and you will always be assured that they will learn something at the end of each story. Geronimo Stilton Books are a series of children’s books focusing on a journalist named Geronimo Stilton. The book originated from Italy, written by Elisabetta Dami, though the book uses the name Geronimo Stilton as the author.

The series has 46 books and was adapted into a television series. Each book is centered on the main character, Geronimo Stilton, a talking mouse who works as a journalist for the Rodent’s Gazette. Geronimo always finds himself in different adventures with his younger sister Thea Stilton, his cousin Trap Stilton and his favorite nephew Benjamin Stilton. Geronimo is a wise little mouse who loves reading books, listening to classical music, and playing golf. While he hates travelling, as he easily gets motion sickness, he nonetheless, finds himself in adventures all around the world. Each book in the series of Geronimo Stilton books has a moral at the end. It is written for kids ages 8 to 12 but children of any age can appreciate it.

There are a lot of life lessons to learn from these books. In the book secret agent, for example, Geronimo finds himself in a whirlwind of adventures and gets into some trouble. The book stresses that each friend is a treasure and that despite all of the bad things that happened to him, he knows that he always have friends to call who would be more than willing to help him out. While each book is filled with interesting illustrations, the author still makes it a point to leave some room for imagination. If anything, the illustrations are only there to heighten the reader’s imagination. Geronimo Stilton Books also emphasizes the importance of helping other people out. Such is the case, in the Book Geronimo’s Valentine, where he learns that a painting has gone missing together with the artist who made it. He and his friend spend the whole day trying to solve the mystery and in the process, he missed his date with Petunia Pretty, who forgives him for it. In most of the books, Geronimo prioritizes other people, as he sincerely wants to help out.

Geronimo Stilton Books also stresses the importance of family. This is evident in Geronimo’s love for his family. He won’t find himself in crazy adventures in different parts of the world if he did not love his family. You can find Geronimo’s books online so that you can have them readily shipped to you for easier access. Your children can also choose to read books online if they want to. It is best to buy books like these, as they are able to foster your child’s imagination and learn life lessons in the process. Geronimo Stilton Books are a must-have for kids who love reading and even those who don’t will find something interesting in every book.

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