Tiffany Dow’s Ghostwriting Cash Review – Part 3

Today is Part 3 of the Review of The Ghostwriting Cash Course and I’ll be talking about another important chapter of the PDF. They all are important by the way but some have just that extra little something that you can’t and shouldn’t miss out. So, this post is going to be a follow-up from yesterday’s and it is one of the core elements of the course; the skills it take to become a reputable ghostwriter.

It’s also something personal as it has affected many areas of my life and through implementing the course, I finally managed to get rid of that problem that many people face; perfectionism. To some, the word sounds like a real quality but in the world of ghostwriting, perfectionism can be the kiss of death for several reasons.

I won’t enumerate them all here because, once again, it would be unfair to give out all the details but one thing I can confirm is that most ghostwriters don’t have the luxury of being perfectionists. I personally believe that in most cases, perfectionism is a blatant excuse not to finish a job and this “quality”, which I call a flaw often leads to procrastination. This is of course my own opinion and feel free to disagree with me but to some extent, people who don’t finish what they’ve started often use the “perfectionism” excuse to justify themselves!

When you’ve got a good amount of ghostwriting to complete for a client, you normally have a deadline and marketers are fussy, which is understandable since most of them pay upfront and expect delivery on time. So, you won’t have time to fuss over little details and delay sending the finished articles, reports or whatever you had been commissioned to write.

And yes, I did it! Many times over, before understanding that there could be thousands of different ways to write an article and that I couldn’t afford to try this slant over this one and this title over that one. The Ghostwriting Cash report shows how NOT TO BE A PERFECTIONIST because ultimately and, unless you have been given 3 months to complete a 400 word article, you just won’t have the time to “perfect” your article, whatever perfection means anyway since writing is a subjective thing. I learnt the hard way until I finally read that sub-section and it really clicked with me.

As an internet marketer myself, I do remember planning the writing or anything else, starting the writing and leave it aside to “simmer” for days if not weeks as if something was going to change and inspiration would suddenly pop up and force me to finish these “perfect” articles!

No, nothing but focus and work! Writing is a muscle and I don’t believe in the “muse” hype! Sorry to disappoint die-hard fans of the muse but when you ghostwrite for someone who is waiting for a set of articles to publish on a site to make money, the so-called muse can wait in the cupboard or somewhere because she won’t help!

What’s interesting with the Ghostwriting Cash Course is that as you go further into the PDF, you realise that most of what you need to become a good and trustworthy ghostwriter is common sense and hard work. Ghostwriting is not for the faint-hearted but I am pretty convinced that anyone with decent writing skills and motivation can make it.

Also, in one of the sub-section of the “What Skills Does It Takes to Be a Ghostwriter?” chapter, Tiffany discusses the importance of your client’s requirements and why it is necessary to gain flexibility and welcome their criticism and feedback as long as they are reasonable. When you start ghostwriting, you’ll have plenty of different requests.

Some will want you to write in a particular style or voice and clearly, you can’t ignore these requests, especially when you get started! No diva behaviour should be tolerated! Learning to be flexible and “fluent in writing styles and voices” as I call it is paramount if you want to make your clients happy and turn them into repeat customers.

There are tips and methods to learn to do so and it’s best to pick it up from someone like Tiffany who has gained a great deal of experience and a reputation in the industry.

Initially, when I read this section of the PDF I wasn’t too confident about adapting my writing style to my customers’ needs and it’s only when I got my first orders that I was faced with the “inevitable”!

I remember receiving an order for a few relatively easy articles and not agreeing with the requests and the specifics of the project, although I didn’t say so to the client! I just thought to myself that this article would sound better in this particular style and oh, why use stupid bullet points when you can write nice paragraphs?

The point here is that when you have been contracted by someone to do something, you can suggest ideas but it’s best to go along and write whatever the client has ordered. Internet marketers are always pressed for time and in most cases, they have already thought about what they want for their website so why discuss it? It’s theirs!

So, yes I had to adapt and stop moaning! And, It helped me save time too because at the end of the day, you are a ghostwriter, not a consultant!

Tiffany’s tips on flexibility are evidently something you should read and take into account because it won’t serve you to argue with your client, especially when you’re new to the job. Don’t forget that it’s hard to build a good reputation but it’s dead easy to have it ruined by one client, one project, and one article!

Now, I want to touch on something that’s just as important as the previous points I covered. This was probably the hardest thing to master- for me at least- but I am getting there! Time management skills!

There is a chapter on this in the PDF and I have to revert back to it often, not because it’s difficult to understand but because it is important to follow this rule! I won’t spoil it and reveal anything but there’s something in there that is quite precious! I never thought of that little “trick” to keep me on track but it works really well and I have been able to deliver my work earlier than scheduled.

Again, marketers hate when you deliver their work late and that’s understandable! How do you feel when you order something, expect it on a set day and receive it 4 days late? I usually go crazy and get on the phone yelling and cursing!

For a ghostwriter, time management skills is something that can make or break you and unless you have a good and very valid excuse, you should always deliver on time or before the set date if you can because most ghostwriters have a problem with this! You want to stand out and keeping your deadline should be a top priority! Believe me, it goes a long way and your clients will appreciate the professionalism!

Finally, as a ghostwriter, it’s really important to know what your clients want and I am not talking about writing style here but the kind of format marketers are going to request. Do you guys know the real difference between a report, a series of autoresponders, an eBook, articles etc?

Before embarking on the course, I was vaguely aware of the different writing formats but once again, Tiffany has a complete list of all the different writing styles you may be asked to complete. The list is thorough, detailed and straight to the point! It’s just what you need and won’t have to go fishing for more information if one of your clients asks for an opt-in report or a viral report! I have bookmarked this section so that I can go back and read it again quickly whenever I need to refresh my memory about something.

Okay, I guess I have covered the “Skills” chapter so by now you should know the main components of this section, which I can assure you, will take the pressure off your back if you’ve been shy and undecided about your writing skills.

Far too many writers don’t even try because they assume it is going to be so HARD to compete with the crowd but believe me, it doesn’t take much to stand out and make a difference! You just need to know what the rules are and what the “code of conduct” should be!

The internet marketing world is populated by “wannabe ghostwriters”–yes this may sound harsh but it is a cold hard fact- and marketers are looking for reliable and reputable people!

Now, with the experience and the many tips contained in just one half of the PDF of the Ghostwriting Cash Course- and remember that I still have the videos and audios to review- you’ll be more than prepared to take on great projects and get your ghostwriting career on the up straight away!

Okay, I guess that’s it for Part 3 of the Ghostwriting Cash Course but there is more coming! The subject is endless and I want to finish discussing the PDF before moving onto Craig Desorcy’s videos! Stay tuned! Part 4 will be available tomorrow!

Have a nice day!

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