The One Sales Copy Writing Skill You Can’t Do Without

I have a client who does sales copy writing to the lower economic market and he prides himself on never watching TV, never setting foot inside those “dollar shop warehouses”, never going to Maccas or such. This is foolhardy. This is where his market hangs out; and seeing my client is also the marketer and copywriter for his business, NOT doing this is costing him money and making all his sales copy writing ineffective.

It’s too easy to let yourself become isolated from your market. You’ve got to be able to tap into what’s on their minds with pinpoint accuracy; like a guided-missile honing in on a target, we must be able to zero-in on our market’s hot buttons; their fears, wants, dreams and frustrations. You can’t do this by sitting in a glass cage.

So what are the majority in to? Well, they may not be able to tell you who the Prime Minister is, but they can tell you who won what on Deal or no Deal last night. They know all about The Biggest Loser. They can tell you who won Australia’s Got Talent.

To get this group’s attention, zero-in on what they already know. Tie your message into any of the TV shows above and you WILL get attention.


Deal or No Deal?

Which briefcase will you choose?

To the right market, this’ll stop them in their tracks like a kangaroo caught in your headlights. This is where the money is… spending time figuring out your Big Idea by tying it into the Collier Principle. To do this, you have to know your market; there’s no shortcutting this process.

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Source by Pete Godfrey

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