The Involuntary Ghostwriter (The Word of God - Book One)

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The Involuntary Ghostwriter is the first book of The Word of God, an epic tale, which purports to be the autobiography of God. Within itself, The Involuntary Ghostwriter consists of overlapping narrative threads, one of growing up and coming of age, and the second of growing old and coming to terms. 

The larger tale, The Word of God, originates from a series of questions: 
“What if God was one of us?” From the lyrics of the song ‘One of Us’, written by Eric Bazilian, recorded by Joan Osborne, and later by Alanis Morrisette. 

What if, as the Christian Bible tells us we were created in the image of God? 

What if, rather than have existed forever, He was born and once lived a life much like our own. 

What if, He was once just a boy who took His parents literally when they told Him ‘He could be anything He wanted to be’? 

Then, how would He have transcended His mortality to become the Creator of our universe? 

And, finally, since the writers of our Holy Books have been men and women, weren’t they Involuntary Ghostwriters? Jonathon Fry, is The Involuntary Ghostwriter, who, thanks to a financial boon, is given a year to fulfill his lifelong dream of writing a novel; only to find himself haunted by erotic dreams of a beautiful woman he has never met, and his thoughts are flooded with memories that are not his own.

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