Take Advantage of Opportunities to Become Successful

Do you know how to take advantage of opportunities that come your way?

Do you even recognize all of the wonderful opportunities that are available to you right now, if you just open the door?

Or, do you tend to think you could be successful "if only______" (fill in the blank with whatever you THINK you are waiting for)?

Highly successful people tend to take advantage of whatever opportunities come their way. In fact, many of these people tend to believe that success is just "an opportunity waiting to happen." They EXPECT wonderful opportunities to come to them. Which means they are always on the lookout for some pleasant potential, and usually they are not disappointed.

They open the door to realize, "the sky is the limit." You know many people like this. They're the ones who "make lemonade" when presented with a bag of lemons because they have recognized the lemons for their potential – they represent an opportunity for something better. Successful people do not bemoan what they do not have.

They use what they DO have to realize their potential, which means they often become more and more successful as time goes on. Today, make a list of all the skills, resources, and opportunities you DO have. Try to see things in a new way so that you are not missing the opportunities that are right there before you. Then decide how you will use these things to your advantage.

Opportunity knocks every day.

But it's up to you to open the door.

Try it!

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Source by Suzanne Lieurance

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