Sexual Hauntings 3 – What Attracts An Incubus and Succubus?

Have you ever wondered what it is that attracts an Incubus and Succubus to their human prey? Apart from the fact that these creatures are demons, they do share close similarities to other kinds of sexual predators. They love to seek out a malleable victim, one they can overpower, dominate and control.

A virgin is considered pure and not to be defiled and, as such, presents a double conquest for the Incubus. However, his triumph is only truly complete when he seduces her and she totally succumbs to his lustful advances. He can smell the sexual desire of a female, and this can act as a powerful magnetic to him. The Incubus differs from the Succubus in that the act can be forced on a female, and it has little regard whether she is beautiful or not. In fact, the rape, and all the emotional and physical suffering that comes with it, is even more enjoyable to it than the actual sexual act.

By contrast, the succubus is attracted to males, and uses different tactics altogether to obtain her goal. And the more frustrated the male is, the more she will derive satanic pleasure from torturing him sexually. Generally, the succubus will appear as his perfect female – the girl of his dreams – and wrap him around her claw. Depending on her sexual desires, she may remain in this form and visit her victim regularly, or she may decide to terrorise him by revealing her true form during intercourse. For the male victim, this would be akin to commencing lovemaking with a gorgeous young woman… and ending up with some hideous, monstrous hag.

The Incubus has no such need. It may derive pleasure from assuming the appearance of a young, handsome hunk, or it may decide to remain in its natural form (an invisible but highly malevolent entity). But it also has another form it can assume: that of a grotesque, repugnant human body, similar to that of a rotting corpse. It may also opt for a cross between an animal and a human. However, this thing’s huge phallus is usually too much for a woman to accommodate, and she is often harmed, if not killed. Unlike its female counterpart, the Incubus feeds more on the pain and suffering of the victim rather than the defilement of the body.

Incubi and Succubi like to target individuals who are vulnerable and malleable. They feed off their victims’ fears and sexual desires, and this boosts their demonic energy. Surprisingly, though, some people who have encountered these entities actually enjoy the sexual pleasures these demons thrust upon them. These creatures love to disguise themselves like the person that we may fancy, or people that we may be attracted to, rather than risk appearing as their normal, demonic selves. Also, if the victim cooperates with them and renders their bodies fully open to their lustful onslaughts, they will be gentle and friendly. However, if that victim becomes frightened and starts calling upon God to help them, then they will start getting angry and try to harm their human prey.

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Source by Alan Toner

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