Role of Content and a Content Writer in SEO

Before we jump into the importance of the Role of a Content writer, we must 1st understand the importance of content. Due to continuous increase of internet dependency, everybody wants his virtual existence. This existence could be in a different style but the ultimate meaning of existence is to attract people, to reach the mind of targeted people. One can make a good design, lay out, visualization etc. everything are very much eye catching but as we know these things cannot serve our purpose, if we do not have a good content because content is something which describes your intention, therefore, if it is not up to the mark or people could not understand why have you there, what do you want from people, your presence will go in vain, your expenditure will be a waste.

A part from this now a days competition is almost everywhere in fact, in virtual world rivalry is intense, everybody wants top position in search engines especially in Google, technically which is named as SEO or Search Engine Optimization, there are thousands of websites in the same category and everyone is doing his best for the top rank, so how come it is possible that at the same time thousands of same category websites can rank 1st in search engines, here the magic of content starts, the site which has informative, interactive, coherent, easily understandable by everybody and of course educative will be crowned 1st position. Best keywords selection for your site, here keywords I mean the words which describe you best, other elements of SEO are also there we will talk about these things later. We must remember that the success of SEO is almost based on content. So if content is good, SEO is done by professionals then undoubtedly your sites rank will be in the highest position in search engines. Therefore people rightly say, Content is the king of SEO.

So far we have seen that how content play a vital role for virtual presence or we can say for e-learning process, and also we have understood the importance of content that it must be interactive, informative and educative, for this a professional content writer is must, we may know many things about diseases and medicines as well but the right diagnosis can possible by a professional doctor only, like wise content writing of a website for a particular topic is only and only can be successful if and only if it is written by a professional content writer, writing of something is not an easy task especially when it relates to your earnings. There are so many aspects of content writing like keywords selection, grammar, sentence pattern etc everything should be keep in mind while you are writing for a website otherwise we know the consequence, we may not stand in front of our opponents, therefore, in short now we can say that professional content writer can only serve our purpose.

There are many types of content writings-

– Ghost writing

– Keyword-rich content

– Business Writing

– Creative Writing

– Research based content

– Blog Writing

We will continue our discussion in next article with the details of above types.

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Source by Md Jubair Ahmed Choudhury

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