Quality is Not Expensive, It’s Priceless!

How many of you did purchase something because it was cheap and were convinced at that time it would do the job, and finally regretted later not having spent more to get the “branded one”? Let’s face it, we all did. In the end, buying cheap cost more. Ok, it’s not all about the price either… but most expensive stuffs are not just more expensive, they are also more reliable, of a stronger make, come with warranty, they last longer, etc… To make is simple: you pay for what you get!

It goes the same way in the copywriting industry. Let’s say you want to hire a copywriter for a sales letter. You Google “copywriter” and decide to contact several copywriters to ask them for a quote. You will soon realise there’s a massive difference between them. Some will ask you for $4,500 per copy when others will ask as little as $250. The likes of Ted Nicholas, Bob Bly and Dan Kennedy start at 25,000 per copy.

Why is there such a gap? What’s the difference then? Well, the difference lies in the quality of the copy. A copy that cost $4,500 will pull more sales, way more sales, definitively! And people are willing and ready to pay big times to get proven and assured results because they know it will be cheaper in the end.

Tell me, what would you rather do? Pay someone $250 and pay an additional $5,000 to get your sales letters distributed and realise that you are absolutely not getting sufficient results. Or instead hire directly a professional copywriter and get assured sales worth many times your investment? Hiring a low-cost copywriter will more than likely bring you poor or no results and you will end up investing twice more money than you thought at first. And on top of that, you will still have to buy new lists, reprint your new sales letters, envelopes, and the initial $5,000 for the postage fees!

Bottom line: if you need a copywriter, hire the big guns because when they fire, they always hit the target – bang on! and it will only cost you one bullet.

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Source by David P. Garray

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