Qualities of Good Advertisement Copy

Advertising is one of the major factors for the success of any company. The success of advertising depends very much upon the copy of advertisement. The aim of the advertisement is to attract the customer and create an urge in his mind to have that product and if the advertisement does not fulfill this objective, the expenditure done on advertising is quite useless.

While preparing the advertisement copy the person in charge should be imaginative enough to think of words and patterns which would produce desired effect on the prospect. The good advertisement copy should possess some of characteristics like:

Awareness value: The advertisement should bring the awareness for the product or services. It should attract the attention of the readers. 

Problem-solving: After creating the awareness for the product, next step should be problem solving, the advertisement should provide the information regarding the use and the utility of the product that may remain in the minds of customers

Recall value: The advertisement should be so effective, that the product should stick to the memory of the customers.

Sincerity: An advertisement must gain the confidence of the customers, the advertising should avoid bold claims and the product should deliver the results as per claims made by the company. Advertising is introduction. Quality is retention.

Enlightening: A good advertisement copy should educate the general public about uses of the products. It should possess the educative value.

Instinctive value: A good advertisement must possess natural value so that customers are induced, persuaded and motivated to think well of a product and take to its use. To increase the effectiveness of the advertisement, the above qualities should be incorporated to make it a best advertisement.

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Source by Virendra Ligade

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