Qualities for a Good Writer

Remember before you start writing: one must know for what purpose is he writing and should identify his audience, without these qualities, it is tough to start a lifestyle in writing stream. I my school grades I had undergone several hiccups in developing my vocabulary, but I found the fathom the secrets what makes a good writer. Shaping you, as a good writer needs lots of reading habit, this improves the vocabulary, writing style, sense of using words. Predominately reading plays a major role when you are aspiring to become a quality writer. I have come across certain quality parameters while developing my articles and sharing the same.

• Your opening paragraph should grab the attention of the readers, which means does it plot them to read your content continuously

• Target on attractive keywords which emphasizes throughout

• Formulate written texts that will convey the message

• Write in a manner that the reader is able to feel everything is visible in front of his eyes

• Start using sub headings, since they differentiate your writing and highlighting key points

• Always be simple and straight in placing your words, do remember the readability factor

• Ensure that your content has a start, middle & end. At the same time it should have relevant narration

• After the completion of your writing, please double check with your grammar and typo errors. Often this dilutes your content level

It is not easy to become a good writer overnight, you need to follow the right approach and guidance, which inch you towards the goal.

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Source by Santhosh Ganesh

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