List of Journalist Interview Questions

Journalism is a highly skilled job. You must possess excellent written communication skills, creativity, influential skills and listening skills to become a successful journalist. You should prepare yourselves well for all kinds of interview questions. You just have to be confident and face the tough questions of the HR Professionals.

So, if you are looking to appear for an interview for the post of a journalist then given below are a few sample questions that could help you prepare yourself. Suitable answers to these questions are also given below:

1. What according to you are the qualities that a good journalist should have?
An efficient journalist must possess good grammar and punctuation skills. He must develop a strong interest in attending various events and meeting new people. He should be always ready to work during odd hours. He should display his writing in a way that it appeals to the reader and grabs his attention. Besides, all these qualities he must also be determined to strive hard.

2. What exactly is Yellow Journalism?

It simply means to sensationalize and exaggerate a news item to increase its circulation in the market. There is no evidence for such news items and facts.

3. Tell us about a few things that according to you should not be highlighted by the Journalists?
According to me the personal life of an individual should not be highlighted in the media. These things could have a bad effect on not only the individual but also on the society.

4. Why should we hire you for this post?

You should appoint me because I have good writing skills and a willingness to work any time, even during odd hours. I believe in hard work and feel that I can prove to be very beneficial for your company in the long run.

5. What do you know about our organization?
The only possible way to tackle this question is to do proper research regarding the target company. They simply want to know whether you are prepared for the interview or not. This question would show your observation skills.

These are some of the finest questions that you might be asked during a Journalism Interview. Have fun!

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