How to Make $1,000 Per Month As a Freelance Writer

With all of the hoopla and plethora of products online nowadays, many people get discouraged when starting to earn a living online – and I am no stranger to that myself.

As a struggling online entrepreneur, I’ve seen the courses come and go. I have paid literally thousands of dollars on courses and I got to a point where I thought every online program was a scam.

Then I was introduced to freelance writing.

How Millions of People Earn Money Online With Freelance Writing

Most people dread the thought of writing as a career. But when you see the availability of content that needs to be written by thousands of blog owners and website creators, you will quickly realize how lucrative it can be.

Here are a few of the many types of work that people are paying online writers for currently:

  1. Blog posts. Most bloggers rarely write their own content. So how do they obtain content? They hire people such as myself to write their posts for them. And these people are paying anywhere from $15 to hundreds of dollars to do so.
  2. Articles. Despite the fact that I am writing this here article you are reading – there are many more that are written by ghost writers. Ghost writers are doing the actual writing, while I am reviewing and sometimes editing the content prior to posting on various sites.
  3. eBooks. Copywriting for eBooks can be very lucrative. Though I do not recommend starting here, many website and marketers are paying high fees to get their eBooks posted and distributed.

How to Make $1000 Per Month As a Freelance Writer

The first thing I show aspiring entrepreneurs how to do when getting started is to set a goal and then do the math to see what it takes to reach that goal.

For example:

To earn $1000 a month, divide by 30 to get approximately $33 per day.

So, for our example, we want to shoot for $33 per day as a freelance writer.

Here is how you do it:

  • Sign up to and set up a gig as a copywriter. Follow instructions or find some instructional videos online if you are not familiar.

If you can do 3 articles per day you have already made $15. So let’s get the other $18 on one of a few other sites.

  1. Odesk. Create an account here and you can make anywhere from $2-$3 upwards to $10 and beyond.
  2. iWriter. This site takes a little longer to get your pay scale up. But once you have a few articles under your belt you can make $15-$25 per article.
  3. Textbroker. This site is only available to those of you in the United States, but you can get paid $10-$20 per article here.

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