How To Become A Ghost Writer And Start Earning Money From The Comfort Of Your Home

A ghost writer is someone who writes any kind of written work for other people. One of the main differences between a regular writer and a ghost writer is that after paying a ghost writer, the client usually retains the copyright of the written work.

A ghost writer is paid to write informative and interesting information that captures the readers’ attention. Some of the kinds of material that a ghost writer may be called upon to write include, resumes, website content, proposals, grants, newsletter, memoirs, novels, speeches and any other type of written work.

If you have a knack or a flair for writing, ghost writing is an exciting career because you are always learning and researching new things. And perhaps the most appealing part about becoming a ghost writer is that you get to make your own hours and work from the comfort of your own home. It’s a great job for stay at home moms or handicapped people. You can write on your own time as long as you finish your projects by the agreed upon deadline. Additionally, depending on your background and experience, ghost writing can also be financially rewarding as well. For example, a professional ghostwriter could get paid 500 dollars or more for an eBook.

A ghost writer finds their projects in many different ways. One way is through online freelance services. Some freelance services where ghost writers can find work include RentAGhostWriter.Com, RentACoder.Com, Guru.Com and Elance.Com. These sites are services where potential clients can post jobs for freelancers.

There are many sites like these where you can go to find work, however, keep in mind that there is usually a monthly fee you must pay to get jobs. Of the sites mentioned above, the only site, that doesn’t charge a fee, is

Another way to find ghost writing jobs is by conducting a thorough search of companies through online search engines. Additionally, you can join forums and chat rooms where ghost writers hangout and get referrals for reputable companies or sites that hire ghost writers.

Another great benefit of becoming a ghost writer is whether the clients or companies are based in the US, Europe or Asia, you can communicate with them via email and get paid via check, money transfer, E-gold or Paypal. With a computer and an Internet connection, you are sure to succeed as a ghost writer.

Having a portfolio of your work before you start freelancing is an excellent idea because it shows that you are a professional. You may also want to take some occasional online writing classes to keep you learning new ways to write better.

Before accepting a job, be clear about how you will be paid and the deadline for the project. If there is no contract provided, a good ghost writer should always create an informal contract describing the project, due date, fees, etc.

Additionally, you should never take on more work than you can handle. Taking on too many projects at a time can lead to missed deadlines and dissatisfied customers which, can lead to a bad reputation.

Finally, the work that a ghost writer submits should always be unique and creative. As a ghost writer you should NEVER plagiarize. Moreover, you should always spell check your work and make sure it sounds professional.

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