How to Beat Down Writer’s Block and Write Like a Pro

First off, you need to realize that writer’s block is a state of mind. And I’ll show you why here in a second or two, when I get past this 15 minute time limit.

But first things first…

Start writing your blog post with some quick and easy tips for accomplishing your specific task – writing this article. And number them out so you can identify the markers, for your bullet points. I use a number dash system like below.

1 – Focus on Your Keyword Phrase for the Article You’re Writing

My keyword phrase for this article is Write Like a Pro. or Write for Profit. I often have two, one in the header, and one in my thought process, and both are rolling off the keyboard early in the article. Then I’m going to mention them a couple more times in the article. That phrase, or those phrases, as the case may be helps me to stay on track, write like a pro, and makes writing for profit easier, because I know exactly what my purpose is. Stay focused on those keyword phrases. Yours will probably be different, but still relevant.

2 – Use Bulleted Points to Reference 3 – 5 Specifics about Your Topic

Your bullet points should include your keyword phrase, and a few other relevant points that help you stay on target. When you write for profit, it’s often referred to as freelancing, and you write like a pro to keep the money coming in, whether you’re writing for pay or marketing options. Articles on your site, published to article marketers, or as guest posts on someone else’s blog are marketing options and they have to payout. If you’re not gaining traffic and buyers from your articles posted, it’s wasted time and effort on your part. Payment for what you write is an important aspect of writing for profit, because if you don’t get paid, you’ll be flipping burgers to feed your family pretty darned fast. Nothing wrong with flipping burgers, but you’re a writer!

3 – Have Your Hook Built Into the Topic You Write

If you had writer’s block at the beginning of this message, you noticed we focused on it right away. Then I hooked you into the solution by discarding the writer’s block concept for later in the article. I could have skipped it altogether, and you’d probably never have missed it, however, would have slapped my fingers silly for promising something I didn’t give you. So… I’m going to give it to you right now.

Writer’s Block is a state of mind. If you change your mind and focus on something of relevance and purpose, you don’t have it anymore. Writer’s block GONE.

Notice, I dispersed it twice, by starting over with First things first, and then, 1 – to move you right into the topic. You don’t have to include the three firsts in your final article. But if you’re struggling with writing, use them to kick your fingers off the keys and get you moving toward a 15 minute piece of content that’s worth way more than $15 an hour.

Now why would you want to flip burgers?

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