How Content Writing Is Different From Literary Writing?

Content Writing is Different from Literary Writing

Do you think that content writing has close resemblance to literary writing? It is not the case, and both belong to different sets of groups. The former one has specific SEO purposes and is often referred as the form of optimized content building. Whether it is article writing or keyword rich, the purpose of content included in it is to serve SEO purpose; and for which purpose creative sensibilities and theatrical devices are not put into practice.

Content writing is done in simple style and moreover it doesn’t takes into practice the crude literary devices such as Litotes, Puns, innuendoes, etc. What a content writer or the blog writer is best at is Internet researching and rewriting the things in a different way. Most of SEO writing is not original, and most of literary genre is the part of unique and sensible literature.

Most of the content written pieces have over redundancy of ideas and repetition, whereas you’d hardly find such a thing happening in a work of creative art. A literary genre writer can easily become a content writer, but converse is not always true!

A literary genre writer has the intellect working on the higher levels as he observes the nature and the life around him. He translates what he observes, and what he translates distills from his extreme intellect.

In today’s world, every kind of content building and style has its own relevance. What seems good at one place, doesn’t actually work at the other and vice versa. There is no good or bad content.

If content makes sense, it is good; and if it doesn’t, it is bad! In addition, not every writer is adept in handling all content building styles. You can be good at one, and really bad at the other.

What Comes Under The Purview Of Content building?

Press releases/ Announcements



News Letter

Website content



What Comes Under The Purview Of Literary Genre/Creative Writing?

Short story






Playwriting/Dramatic writing


Creative non-fiction (Personal & Journalistic Essays)

Flash fiction

Collaborative writing

A content writer, who actually is expert in building content, is a writer in general sense. On the other hand,an author is a person who has plenty of means and intellect to write in a strict creative sense.

A content writer plays a virtual role, whereas author plays role of reality writer. However, in recent times many of the authors have also actively started indulging themselves in the content creating activity, as it gives them good profits over the long run.

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