Hiring an Ebook Ghostwriter to Promote Business

Why Hire an eBook Ghostwriter?

eBooks are the way to promote your business while bringing information to your end users. eBooks are also a great marketing tool to help bring traffic to your site. It also offers an incentive for leads to submit their information to receive your eBook (usually free in exchange for an email). This translates to money for leads generation businesses, and it brings more viably potential customers to your site since they are legitimately interested in your business industry.

eBook writers come in a variety of literary flavors. Just like any other author, eBook ghostwriters have a certain niche where they specialize, while others are research experts who can study a subject and write a manuscript that is catered to your business. Some eBook ghostwriters are more creative, and they are great for children’s books or manuscripts that require more of a creative twist.

Hiring an eBook ghostwriter is a perfect way to enhance your ability to create the perfect eBook for your business. It’s important to hire a talented eBook ghostwriter or you might find yourself with an entire manuscript that is poorly written.

How Much Does an eBook Ghostwriter Cost?

It depends on what you want in you eBook. EBook ghostwriters generally work for about $10 a page at minimum. Cheaper places are likely outsourcing their work, therefore you are not receiving the high quality you get from a formal eBook ghostwriter. In the writing world, it’s true that you get what you pay for. You don’t necessarily need to buy an eBook at an exorbitant price, but a reasonably priced eBook ghostwriter gets you what you want at the quality you deserve.

How Do I Find an eBook Ghostwriter?

A good example of a reputable eBook ghostwriter can be found on this web site. eBook ghostwriters are usually freelance writers who have either published print work or they have ghostwritten eBooks for other clients. Finding the right eBook ghostwriter depends on the subject matter. Some eBook ghostwriters have a higher knowledge of finances while other eBook ghostwriters are legal experts. Creative eBook ghostwriters are also proficient in writing small children’s stories or eBooks that focus on inspiring readers. The best thing to do is to contact the eBook ghostwriter and ask for their rates, background, or portfolio information.

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