Freelance Writing – Three Tips For Getting Writing Jobs Online

Freelance writing jobs have exploded with the growth of the Web. It’s possible for completely new writers to make a nice income. With experience, you can make an extraordinary income.

Unfortunately, many writers either fail to get writing jobs at all, or they get stuck with low-paying gigs.

Here are three tips which will help you.

1. Get A Paying Writing Job – in any way you can

It all starts with your first writing job. Not only is it good for your confidence to be paid to write, your first gig is also the start of your writing portfolio.

A portfolio – a collection of writing “samples”, projects you’ve written for others – are a vital part of your success. Your portfolio is PROOF you can write. To hire you, people want to see examples. It’s easy to call yourself a “writer” online; you need proof that you can complete a project to the buyer’s complete satisfaction.

So get your first job, in any way you can.

Ask your client whether you can use the project as a sample of your work; most will allow you to do this.

2. Be Methodical – start where you are

When you’re beginning, you need to get experience. This means learning – both about how a writing business works, and learning writing skills too. Expect to spend a lot of time studying writing jobs which are posted on venues like the out-sourcing sites.

None of this study is wasted. Apply for jobs, study and learn, and be methodical as you do this. The time you spend studying and gaining experience is vital.

It’s possible to make a six-figure income as a writer, but not as a new writer. As a new writer, you don’t know what you don’t know. The more you write, the more you learn.

3. Get A Mentor – use someone else’s experience

To short-cut the time you spend learning, get a mentor. There are many writing courses you can take online. There’s a lot to learn – any course which helps you to learn will pay for itself a million times over as your writing business grows.

So there you have three tips which will not only help you to get writing jobs online, but which will help you to develop a great income as a writer.

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