Freelance Writer – 5 Steps For Finding a Dynamic Writer

Finding the right dynamic Freelance writer is not as easy as it seems. There are many online and offline services that provide venues for those who are looking for a writer. These services provide excellent opportunities for buyers and Freelancers.

For the writer it is risky. The writer has no clue who they are dealing with except for the few bits of information provided on the service. Some Freelancer writers are ripped off by unscrupulous buyers. These buyers do not pay, even though the work met the guidelines and was turned in on time.

A buyer can look at the examples presented, feed back given by the Freelance writers previous clients, and their resume. This gives some idea, however it can be all made up, leaving it a risk for buyers as well. There has to be someway to make the process easier and the following steps provide some guidance.

Project Expectations

Provide a project description that is clear and concise. Let writers know what you want and how you want it. I have seen many project announcements that are as clear as mud. Freelance writers have no clue what to even bid on, much less attract quality writers the buyer needs. These projects are typically easy to spot, after several days there are no or few bids.

Reviewing Samples

If it is important that you want to only work with the Freelance writer on a project and not a ghost writer, then you need to review their samples. If the writer says that they do all the work themselves, examine the samples and/or portfolio for writing style. If the style is consistent then the claim is true and it is less risky.

Freelance Writer’s Website

A quality Freelance writer will have their own website which promotes their service and contains portfolio examples or a link to a portfolio. This also means that the person is not part of a service or a business with multiple employees. Look to see when the last time the website was updated. If it has been months, this may be an indicator of their reliability. See if the information matches that provided by the service. Look at the writing styles on the website. If all seem to match, then buyer has less risk.


Insist the Freelance writer provides periodic updates on the work being performed. This will reduce stress if the deadline is approaching and you have not heard from the person since first hiring him or her. Also this will avoid disappointments at the end of the project if there are mis-communications in expectations.

Do Not Lose the Dynamic Freelance Writers

When you find a Freelance writer that does quality work, do not let him/her go. Give them more work. Try to work with them directly instead of continuing through the service. This gives a since of a compatible working relationship that comes in handy with quick deadlines for projects. Provide incentives for the good Freelancers, offer a bonus if the work is completed ahead of schedule. When a writer feels more appreciated the quality of work and responsiveness will be even better for the buyer.

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