Copywriting vs Copyrighting – How Do You Cite Facts & References

As a copywriter there are often facts and references of other people’s writing in referral writing, do you know how to handle those issues? A citation or reference helps, but is it enough to keep you from being accused of copyright infringement? Title back referrals offer equitable solutions, and prevent situational name dropping.

Frequently, dropping a name online isn’t a viable option for citing a reference. Either the author isn’t willing to be a reference for your materials, or the author has reason not to be included. Famous names in your article increase readership, but they may not be available for use. Or, the name itself may be copyrighted.

While most citations on the internet are unintended indulgences, it’s easy to understand why a person might want to protect their identity from overuse or abuse on line. The question becomes, how do you give a person reference when their name isn’t available or should not be used? This may stir up a bit of controversy and in some cases it may not be an option, however, the easiest way to give a citation is to refer the reader to the article referenced.

Keyword referencing will bring search engine referrals back to the source, given the opportunity. Simply highlight keywords in your article that specifically relate to the original article. It may not show up first on the Search Engine, but it will be in the listing. Effective referencing of your articles and content is important, because you don’t want to be accused of stealing information, and yet, it isn’t always possible to refer to your reference by name or citation.

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