Communication Manners – Good and Bad Ways to Behave

One of the basic principles of modern life is the maintenance of good relations between people and the desire to avoid conflict. In turn, you can win the respect and attention only if being courteous and self-disciplined. Therefore, nothing can be more valued by people around us as courtesy and compassion. But in life we often find ourselves confronted with rudeness, harshness, and disrespect against a person. The reason here is that we underestimate the culture of human behavior and its manners.

Manners constitute a way to behave, the external form of behavior, treat people, used in speech, expression, tone, intonation, body language, gestures and even facial expressions.

In a society good manners are considered modesty and self-discipline, the ability to control oneself and carefully and tactfully communicate with other people. Bad manners are considered to be the habit of speaking aloud, without shame in terms of familiarity gestures and behavior, carelessness in dress, rudeness, revealed in a frank malevolence of others, in disregard of other people interests and needs, to shamelessly impose on other people will and desires, in the inability to control anger with the intention of insulting the dignity of people around, lack of tact, foul language, use of derogatory nicknames.

Manners are related to the culture of human behavior and are regulated by etiquette. Etiquette implies sympathy and respect to all people, regardless of their positions and social status. It includes the courteous treatment of women, respect for elders, forms of address to the elderly, forms of address and greetings, rules of conversation, table manners. In general, etiquette in a civilized society coincides with the general requirements of courtesy, which are based on the principles of humanism.

Compassion is an obligatory condition of communication. Delicacy should not be excessive or turned into flattery that could lead to unwarranted praise for anything seen or heard. There is no need to strenuously deny that it is the first time you see something, listen, eat, and fear because otherwise, you will be seen as an ignoramus.

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