Article Writing for Money – Where to Sell Articles Online

There are hundreds, if not thousands of possible markets online where you can sell your articles. A simple check on Google for “articles wanted” or “writers wanted” will soon produce hundreds of results.

Where you sell your articles and how much you will be paid for them will be determined by the following factors;

  • Experience – If you have considerable experience in a specific area then you should target a market that specializes in the area in which you have your expertise. Target websites and blogs covering the subject. These sites can be easily located by Googling the subject and adding “blog” or “forum” behind the general subject. Most sites list the webmaster at the bottom of the site. You can contact them and describe your expertise in their industry and express your desire to write content for their blog or website.
  • Competition – The competition is stronger in the lower paying sites because so many foreign writers are willing to write articles got $2 or $3 each. This is a good starting point for you so you can gain some experience. However don”t waste too much time here. Such jobs are posted on such sites as elance, guru and rent a coder. Sign up for some of their sites and you will see dozens of projects you can easily do. However don’t expect too much money as most of their advertisers are willing to pay substandard wages for substandard work.
  • Determination To Succeed – A lot of your success will be determined by your sheer desire to succeed as a freelance writer. If you are not willing to put in the time and effort to produce good work, regardless of your payment in the beginning, then unless you have a really special talent you will not succeed in reaching the target market you desire.Years ago freelance writers for magazines would start with no pay just to get the recognition of their published article, which they could add to their portfolio.
  • Online-Offline – Another great source of income is to approach an offline business and arrange to provide the content for a blog or website for their business. This can prove to be much more lucrative than just approaching companies online who already have a website or blog. Depending on your experience you can set up someone’s website or blog and do all the work from producing their content, writing and scheduling newsletters, writing promotions, collecting customers email addresses and sending out promotions for them. Companies are becoming more aware of the need for an online presence every day.

The requirement for GOOD writers is increasing every day as more people produce websites and blogs. It is not a question of if you can find a market for your writing, it is more of a decision on what market you want to write for. So get out there and do some research of possible markets and send out plenty of queries to those you would like to write for. You will be writing as much as you can handle before you know it.

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