Are You Being Beaten by Resistance?

When you start to reach out of your comfort zone for things you have never had or done before, then you are stretching yourself – and that’s a good thing. When you stretch yourself and start to go in directions that you have never ventured into before you will come up against obstacles and challenges. So, this is where you remember that choice plays a huge part in your life now. Your awareness is increasing around what really is possible and when the obstacles start showing up that’s exactly when you must decide how much you want this new direction, new you, new and scary anything that is so unfamiliar to you right now.

The resistance and obstacles will tend to be subtle. For instance if you have decided that you want to re-train and change direction, you may find that something happens to try to stop you getting to your first training course – it could be your children getting ill, a train strike or something as random as a flood! It really is that eclectic and apparently unselective.

When these things start to show up in your life, this is exactly the time you really need to start asking yourself searching questions that help to put you in a place of growth.

Are you finding reasons not to do this thing out of fear? And you need to be really honest with yourself here.

If the reason you are saying ‘No’ is out of fear then this really is the time that you shouldn’t be saying ‘No’. If the only reason you are saying ‘No’ is out of fear then you should be saying ‘Yes’. You need to ask yourself, ‘Am I not doing this because I just don’t want to do it anyway? It’s not that big a deal’ or ‘Am I doing it because someone has told me that I should be doing it’, – or ‘Am I feeling resistance to it because I am scared?’ and if it’s because you are just scared then that can be the biggest thing that holds you back from going in new and bold directions, and you need to make it the one thing that drives you forward.

When you move into a new place, step into the fear AND come out the other side in one piece you will be so much stronger to continue your journey, building confidence, power and wisdom as you go.

Don’t allow your fear to hold you back from anything you decide you want to achieve.

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Source by Wilma Allan

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