Alternative Jobs For Journalists

Since the arrival of the internet, the UK’s media landscape has entered a period of unprecedented change which is forecast to continue for many years to come. The abundance of news material online has meant printed news as we know is under serious threat of extinction; in America the number of people who read news online already surpasses those that buy newspapers in their traditional printed format. This shift has subsequently lead to job losses and a great deal of pressure on today’s journalists as work becomes harder and harder to find.

The shrewd and adaptable journalist needn’t worry though, as their skills as writers, researchers and investigators can easily transfer to other sectors, especially those that have grown substantially over the past couple of years. Take sales and marketing for example, this is one career path that is expected to boom across various sectors. Highly competitive and creative, the cut throat nature of the marketing world is not too dissimilar to that of journalism. The flair for writing is something that comes naturally to trained journalists and is a great advantage in marketing.

Health care and medical jobs are expected to be one of the biggest career paths to experience growth over the next four years and will become the biggest employment sector in the worldwide. Given that healthcare is a 24/7 job, healthcare is an industry that doesn’t shy away from hiring students or older workers looking for a career change. Given the people skills needed in the healthcare industry it’s no surprise that journalists who are used to conducting interviews and investigative work may enjoy talking to patients and employing their well honed people skills to get the bottom of a problem.

Patient facing positions within healthcare aren’t the only areas that a trained journalist could diversify into. With hospitals and healthcare units continuously producing literature for patients and staff alike, the journalist could easily slot into a position where copious amounts of writing is required. Researchers and project managers are also vital roles when it comes to health campaigns which requires a good grasp of persuasive writing, especially when trying to get people interested in a particular idea.

Finally, another sector which journalism lends itself to is the UK SEO industry. A relatively new area, SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of making improvements to a website in order to boost, amongst a plethora of other things, its ranking on Google. Servicing a range of sectors who want to make an impression or sell goods online, SEO firms require passionate writers as well as individuals who are happy to spend their working day typing. With an emphasis on self-subbed work and working to a tight deadline, working as a web editor for an SEO firm is a great way for journalists to continue writing and developing their flare for news in a much more stable industry.

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