4 Steps For Being in the Mastermind Hotseat

The hotseat in a mastermind group is where you are center stage. You get to share what’s going on with your goal achievements. To keep the mastermind group focused and businesslike, here is a four step list to follow when giving your report. Some mastermind groups have the hotseat last ten minutes, and others have the hotseat go thirty to forty-five minutes. The mastermind group will have their set of rules for how much interaction and follow-up questions are allowed at each stage. My recommendation is not to spend too much time rehashing old things or negative things, but learn the lesson from each and move on to the new opportunities and commitments.

  1. Your Achievements
  2. Brag! This is a time to tell everyone what you did that helped. It reaffirms your feeling of success and provides inspiration to the other members.

  3. Your Stumbling Blocks
  4. Did something not work out as you expected it would? The rest of the group can learn from failures and frustrations. Especially if they helped come up with the plan that didn’t work. Or perhaps they can provide the cheerleading to help you stay the course until success is achieved. Often we give up too soon from achieving our goals, and just need to be reminded that it’s OK to be frustrated, just keep focusing on where you’re going.

  5. Your Opportunities
  6. Do you have a trade show coming up and you are eager to network? Perhaps your website is about to relaunch with a new look? Other members might have some suggestions for the best way to use these opportunities such as referring a copywriter for a press release announcing the new website. This is a great time to create strategies and evaluate how effective each might be with your ultimate goal.

  7. Your Commitments
  8. How well did you achieve your opportunities and commitments from last time. This isn’t where you’re in the court being interrogated by Perry Mason but rather a supportive detailing of the facts. It’s also where you commit to your next steps.

To really be successful, you should have one big goal that you’re working towards. When you have many, you get scattered and often don’t achieve as well as you may like. Find one big goal and create mini-goals that work you towards it. Communicate with your mastermind, and you will be amazed at how quickly you achieve that big goal. Then you can use your mastermind to find another really big goal!

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Source by Lara Fabans

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