Role of Content and a Content Writer in SEO

Before we jump into the importance of the Role of a Content writer, we must 1st understand the importance of content. Due to continuous increase of internet dependency, everybody wants his virtual existence. This existence could be in a different style but the ultimate meaning of existence is to attract people, to reach the mind of targeted people. One can make a good design, lay out, visualization etc. everything are very much eye catching but as we know these things cannot serve our purpose, if we do not have a good content because content is something which describes your intention, therefore, if it is not up to the mark or people could not understand why have you there, what do you want from people, your presence will go in vain, your expenditure will be a waste.

A part from this now a days competition is almost everywhere in fact, in virtual world rivalry is intense, everybody wants top position in search engines especially in Google, technically which is named as SEO or Search Engine Optimization, there are thousands of websites in the same category and everyone is doing his best for the top rank, so how come it is possible that at the same time thousands of same category websites can rank 1st in search engines, here the magic of content starts, the site which has informative, interactive, coherent, easily understandable by everybody and of course educative will be crowned 1st position. Best keywords selection for your site, here keywords I mean the words which describe you best, other elements of SEO are also there we will talk about these things later. We must remember that the success of SEO is almost based on content. So if content is good, SEO is done by professionals then undoubtedly your sites rank will be in the highest position in search engines. Therefore people rightly say, Content is the king of SEO.

So far we have seen that how content play a vital role for virtual presence or we can say for e-learning process, and also we have understood the importance of content that it must be interactive, informative and educative, for this a professional content writer is must, we may know many things about diseases and medicines as well but the right diagnosis can possible by a professional doctor only, like wise content writing of a website for a particular topic is only and only can be successful if and only if it is written by a professional content writer, writing of something is not an easy task especially when it relates to your earnings. There are so many aspects of content writing like keywords selection, grammar, sentence pattern etc everything should be keep in mind while you are writing for a website otherwise we know the consequence, we may not stand in front of our opponents, therefore, in short now we can say that professional content writer can only serve our purpose.

There are many types of content writings-

– Ghost writing

– Keyword-rich content

– Business Writing

– Creative Writing

– Research based content

– Blog Writing

We will continue our discussion in next article with the details of above types.

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Technical Writing in India

Technical Writing in India: Is it as good as anywhere else?

Technical Writing generally translates to a piece of writing that conjures up an image in the mind of a layman about any device or software application.

In other words, the job profile of a technical writer involves writing and designing user guides, brochures and white papers for a plethora of products.

Though these procedures are not new, their categorisation under the term “Technical Writing” is quite recent. The latest entrant in the software field is not a whiz kid from IIT, but might be a journalist or an English literature graduate. This option is here to stay, what with India slowly accepting the prospect of technical writing as a full-fledged career at par with more popular contenders.

Now, the Indian technical writing scenario would seem very bleak for an onlooker who doesn’t delve deeper into the layers. This field was practically unknown till the 1990s. Tata Consultancy Services was a pioneer in creating a need for the current crop of technical wordsmiths.

Over a decade old, this profession does not have many takers, but does boast of a strong following in the various metros. In Bangalore the number is believed to be 500-600. Even by an optimistic view, the number of technical writers across the nation would be approximately 6000. These statistics prove that, corporate bosses and the software industry as a whole recognized the need for a specialized documentation team very lately.

The technical writing job has long come out of the confines of being a strict documentation-related activity. In some organisations, technical writers are asked to pitch in for test case development, product testing, creating API code, creating java documentation etc.

More recently, a technical writer has grown to don the garb of a graphic designer, web-content developer etc. Since a technical background is not a prerequisite for a technical writer, many writers foray into the field even with a Humanities background.

The one and only criterion, going by the current Indian standards, would be a firm grasp over the Queen’s language and a strong analytical mind. The prevalent need, is however to meet International standards in English usage. US companies recognise the need for a trained technical writer and that adds to the hiring and training impetus for technical documentators.

The US provides a lot of scope and opportunities for training and specialized study of the subject. In comparison, Indian universities shy away from offering unconventional and lesser-known courses aka Technical writing. The technical writers, who already exist in the industry having created a golden niche, are fast emerging as the “trainers” for this career option. Some of the Indian universities like the Calicut University and the Mumbai University have woken up to this profession and have included the subject in their curricula.

This trend, may give the Technical Writing profession the impetus it requires. The final recruiters, Corporates, MNCs need to step in boldly to hire and provide customized training to fresh technical writers.

This might beckon the golden dawn for Technical Writing in India!

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France Is Rocked by a Sexual Relationship Between a 14 Year Girl and 50 Year Old Writer

Literary circles in France are agog with a new Book that is likely to be published early next year. The author of the book is Vanessa Springora who is heading a French publishing company. She has accused 83-year-old French author Gabriel Matzneff of child abuse in her book. The book has raised controversy over attitudes of the French elite, and the literary world, toward pedophiles. The Guardian has reported that the French author is now 83 years old and has denied the charges.


Vanessa Springora is now 47 years old.

She is writing about events that took place many decades back when she was just 14. She claims in her book that she was “groomed” by Gabriel Matzneff at a time when she was a minor. The book “Le Consentement (Consent)” Is to be published next week. Attention to the book has been more pronounced since accusations surfaced against Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood film producer, in 2017.

Vanessa is very candid in her book, making clear that there was no coercion involved. She goes on to add that she cannot deny that she consented to a man who was 36 years older than her.

She goes on to say that the entire episode has to be seen in the proper perspective as she was only 14 and her parents were going through a difficult divorce when Gabriel Matzneff solicited her. He would be waiting for her at the school gate and then take her to a hotel. Prior to that he would follow her and write letters. According to the writer, Matzneff would take her to a hotel, to throw the authorities off track, as there were questions being raised about his relationship with a young girl.

The book

The book is not an autobiography but the entire story is presented in the form of a novel. She does not say the name of the writer but just refers to him by his initials GM. There is, however, no doubt that she is referring to the writer Matzneff, who is now 83 years old. The Telegraph has reported that Matzneff has won many prestigious awards during his writing career, though he had acknowledged having a relationship with minors including young boys in the Philippines.

The clout of the writer Is evident as the entire literary world overlooked his actions. Matzneff had publicly stated on French TV many times that he was attracted to young girls and teenagers. He had discussed his relationship with girls who were over the age of 15, as in France the age of consent is 15. This probably was the reason that Matzell was careful to mention that the girls who came into his life were all above that age.

The attitude of Matzell can be gauged from the fact that he wrote an open letter calling for three men who were on remand and accused of relationship with boys aged 13 and 14 to be released.

At that time even famous writers like Jean-Paul Sartre and Simon de Beauvoir supported this action.


Matzell has expressed his “sadness” at the contents of the book. He feels the aim of the writer is to disparage his work and damage his reputation. The fact remains that the French literary world at that time did not consider it immoral to have a relationship with teenage girls and that is why there was not much talk about such relationships. Bernard Pivot who was a celebrated critic and journalist at that time has stated that times have changed and what was moral then is now considered taboo.

An example is of S Marin who is now the prime minister of Finland and changing morality has accepted that she can be a leader though having a child out of wedlock.

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3 "Contrarian" Copywriting Secrets You Never Hear From the Loud-Mouth Gurus

You can’t swing a bat anymore without running into a pile of so-called “killer” copywriting secrets that promise to make your ads pull higher response. Unfortunately, following much of the popular copywriting advice can mean leaving money on the table – and LOTS of it.

Below are three little-talked about copywriting tips that go against conventional copywriting “dogma”, but that can help you pull far more sales and conversions.

Without further ado, here they are:

1. Forget About Benefits

At least, at first.


Because copywriters who only concentrate on “benefits, benefits, benefits!” are shooting themselves in the foot.

Yes, benefits are important.

But they are secondary to building trust.

People rarely buy from other people they don’t trust.

And if you don’t build trust first, nobody will stick around to read your benefits. Plus, even if they do stick around, they won’t believe you’ll follow through on those benefits.

So before piling on the benefits, build trust, first.

2. Realize Copy Is Not King

Copy is far from being “king.”

It’s more like a “jack” or 10 of spades.

Your list, offer, positioning and product are way more important than the words you use.

Without these other elements in place, even the best copy won’t do you any good.

By the way, this isn’t to say copy is not important.

Frankly, all other things equal, the “winner” goes to the business with the best copy.

But it’s definitely not king.

3. Ditch The Hype

In most cases, slathering your ads with hype destroys response.

Yes, there are some cases (and markets) where hype works (and by all means, test it, if you want).

But in most cases it destroys sales.

In fact, if you look at the ads from the best copywriters of the past 100 years – like Gary Halbert, Gary Bencivenga, David Ogilvy, John Caples, Max Sackheim, etc – you don’t see hype.

You see a lot of drama, excitement and energy.

But you rarely (if ever) see any “hype.”

Anyway, there you have it.

The above tips may break established copywriting “dogma” in many cases.

But if you will at least test them in your ads, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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Peer Review – Technical Writing

After completing your guide, you need to get that reviewed by someone. There are three types of reviews. First one is Peer Review, second is Subject Matter Expert (SME) review and the third one is Grammar Review. The first review, which is Peer Review, has to be done by your fellow technical writers. During this review, the reviewer goes through the stuff for clarity of instructions, verify and validate written functionality, and check for grammatical errors. Eighty percent of the guide review will be completed during the peer review stage. Unfortunately, most of the times, people do not find time to do a satisfactory peer review. And in some cases, employees’ tries to settle personal scores using this as a tool. However, peer review if done properly, then the chances of finding errors in later stages of reviews will deliberately go down.

Technical writing demands a precise, concise, and surgical way of presenting the content to the end user. The writer is supposed to follow the task, understand it, and need to convey the same to the end user in a lucid way. Understanding complex functionalities and presenting them in a lucid manner so that a layman can understand the stuff is not so easy. The writer need to know where s/he has to chunk the stuff so that it is properly convey the underlying idea without wasting the precious time of the reader. However, most of the times, it is easier said than done.

After completion of the task or guide, as per Document Development Life Cycle (DDLC), the said document has to undergo different kinds of reviews. The idea is that by the time the document completes its final review stage, the matter in the document represents exactly the original functionality of the product without any errors or deviations. Most of the companies follow a process where the written document will get reviewed at least once or twice for both the functionality and grammar check.

Peer review is the first stage review. In this review, the document is expected to be cleaned from different errors by at least 80%. The colleague technical writers will do this review. Concentration will be on the functionality and grammar part during this review.

Peer review is heavily dependent on good relations and understanding between the colleagues. One can mar the advantages by playing office politics and cornering the writer in question. These kinds of problems are so common in organizations. The only remedy for these kinds of problems is to conduct the peer review under the supervision of a Project Manager, who has good experience in managing personnel.

In summary, peer review has many advantages. It has the capacity to filter 80% of the errors in the first stage itself. Peer review, when conducted under the supervision of a good personnel manager, will definitely give best results.

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Have Hindu and Slavic Religions One Root?

And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed. Exodus, 3:2

Sanskrit, the language used long ago by religious scribes and wise men, nowadays conveying ancient messages to us from holy texts, is presently only a liturgical language like Latin. The Indian Vedas were written in Sanskrit. In addition to liturgical purposes, this language is spoken at some places even today, particularly in some institutions where people feel the need to reinvigorate it. In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, there are villages where ordinary people speak Sanskrit. Sanskrit is used also in Mattur, a village in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Sanskrit and other languages

Throughout their long but preserved history, the Hindu gods have taken other form than the one they had originally had in the Vedas. At some historical times, Surya was more important than Vishnu. Shiva, too, does not have his name (Shiva) in the Vedas. Scholars believe that a much older name represents him instead – Rudra, which sounds like the word used for the most ancient Slavic god – Rod, who was the primordial god – creator of the universe.

The origin of the word “red” (English), or “rot” (German) probably comes from the primordial adoration of the god of fire, most likely a deity like Slavic Rod, Hindu Agni or Rudra. You will find many words with similar sounding both in European languages and Sanskrit – for example, the Sanskrit word “rakta” – English “red” (“rudy” in Czech, “rouge” in French, “rojo” in Spanish, etc.). The origin of the word “red” most probably dwells in fire, which had been adored and personified by all ancient and tribal cultures.

Every religion, although surely partially based on real events, somehow deforms or changes over time. Slavic people have a legend about the creation of the world:

In the beginning, there was only the great darkness and endless chaos. Its waves whirled in the empty space and flowed around the golden egg, which was in the middle. Rod – the originator of everything – was in the egg. When Rod uttered his first word, his son Svarog was born.

The Slavic creation legends slightly vary in dependence on the region (Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, Poland, etc.). Swarog or Svarog is the Slavic sun and fire god. In the Slavic religion, Svarga is heaven. In Sanskrit, Svarga is heaven too.

Some Hindu gods have remarkable similarity with Slavic deities – both in pronunciation and in significance. Sanskrit and Slavic words may not be always entirely similar (in pronunciation and connotation), but may carry remarkable elements of similarities like in the case of the Slavic god Veles (god of shepherds and a great serpent), who bears a resemblance to Vedic Vala, a Hindu Naga (serpent) and Asura (mostly sinful and power-seeking deities) mentioned in Rig Veda over twenty times.

Lord Shiva’s attributes are materialized in a Slavic female deity called Siwa, Ziva, or Zivena – goddess of fertility and love. A similarity with Sanskrit appears in the fact that the word “ZIVA” means (in Sanskrit) “the one who is kind”. Unlike war or scorpion goddesses, goddesses of love are kind for most of the time.

There is yet another similarity between Shiva and Ziva – goddess Kali and Morena, the sister of Ziva. Both Kali (Hindu goddess) and Morena (Slavic goddess) are goddesses of death. In Hinduism, Kali is tightly associated with Shiva, as she is a form of Durga, the Shiva’s consort. There is not a big difference between these two, as Shiva’s association to Kali is as strong as Ziva’s connection to Morena. If we look at similarity in pronunciation, Slavic Morena has its equivalent in the Sanskrit word maraNaanta (coming to death).

As concerns symbolism, lingam is a Hindu (Shiva’s) symbol for fertility – the same dimension that ancient Slavs attributed to Ziva.

Vedic god Surya has his Slavic equivalent in goddess of beauty – Zora, Zarya, or Zori. There is also the word Zorya, which identifies less important goddesses – Slavic guardians of the dawn, but connection to the sun is indisputable.

Summary of Slavic gods

Rod (Creator) > Svarog (sun god and helper creator) > and his three sons > Svarozic, Dazhdbog, Perun.

Triglav is a Slavic word for god “with three heads”, almost identical to Hindu Trinity (Trimurti). The oldest meaning of the word Triglav characterized the following three deities – Svarog, Perun, and Dazhdbog; however, Veles or Svantovit later replaced Dazhdbog. Triglav has its Hindu equivalent in Brahma (almost always pictured with three heads), or Dattatreya – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva in one – an incarnation of the divine Trinity (Trimurti). Hindus believe that this form of God had once appeared here on earth.

Slavonic svastika

Hindus use svastika as a symbol of good luck. Boreyko coat of arms is the symbol of svastika pointing to the left; it had been used in Poland. Svastika can also be found in symbolism of Svarog.

Sanskrit and Russian – comparison

Slavic languages are similar, so the comparison shown below is made of words that sound equally and mean the same thing in Russian, Czech and Slovak. If you want to find out more about Sanskrit words, visit this website –

The first words on the left are in Russian, then follow words in Sanskrit and finally you may learn what they mean in English:

kogda kada when

nebo naaka heaven

snežnij sahima snowy

mama maatR mom

brat bhraatR brother

vsegda sadaA always

putnik pathika pilgrim (or traveler)

zit jiivati live (“jiivati” is pronounced similarly in Russian)

We can also look at similarities in grammar. Slovaks and Russians use vocative, which is a term hardly explainable in English in one word, as English (and many other European languages) does not use it (Sanskrit does). Vocative is scarcely present in Slovak, but it still occurs. The Wordnet dictionary of synonyms describes the term “vocative” as “the case (in some inflected languages) used when the referent of the noun is being addressed”. In addition, English and possibly many other European languages, except for Russian and other Slavic languages, do not have, for example, other cases like the locative case.

The Hebrew word for fire is Esh – the English word “ash” is derived from it.

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A Look at the Important Qualities of Professional SEO Content Writers

For online PR services, SEO blogs and articles are immensely important. Besides SEO blogs and articles are vital for social media management services. An important part of off-page SEO is link-building. By regularly posting fresh content on a topic along with links to corporate websites helps a business to attract more and more clients to the brand. When talking about posting fresh contents it means that the skilled writer has to write the blogs or articles. It is advised, that for writing tasks, a business must seek the expertise of a skilled SEO content writer. This blog is an attempt to comprehend the skills that a professional SEO blog writer must use to write stuffs for a business or brand.

Qualities of a Professional SEO Content Writer

Following are a few things about SEO blog writing that a professional SEO article writer must use while writing contents:-

Do Adequate Research on Keywords

SEO contents are very much dependent on the use of keywords. Therefore, while writing blogs or articles you must do extensive keyword research. You need to use the main keyword once in the title, once in the introduction, once in a subheading, once in the main body of a 500 worded content. While using keywords make sure that you avoid keyword stuffing.

Use Keywords Appropriately

Try to use the main keyword in the content in a manner so that the keyword density is less than 3%. Apart from using the main keyword try using associative keywords in the write-up. Avoid keyword stuffing. Use long-tail keywords if required. Use latent semantic indexing keywords if needed.

Write Contents About Stuffs That People Care For

If you are writing an article or blog on a topic then understand that the selection of the topic needs to be such that it attracts the readers. The contents should be written on topics that people care for. Understand that if more and more readers read your write-up then it can help your business to expand.

Understand The Fundamentals of Technical SEO

While writing SEO stuffs it is important to understand how Google crawls web pages. Keeping these things into consideration you should write content. There are other important basics of technical SEO that you can get to know if you browse relevant online topics.

Make the Content Long and Attractive

It is discouraged to keep your blog or article short. If you are writing a blog or an article then try to limit the content within 700 words. Use keywords in the content appropriately and make it attractive to the readers.

Watch Out The Analytics

Mere content writing may not help you in getting the desired target audience. You need to do the SEO part well with the content. More importantly, you need to watch out for the analytics as well to become successful with SEO blog writing.

Edit Work On Requirements

One of the most important parts of SEO content writing is to edit work now and then. The work, needs to be edited keeping because of the content requirements for business purposes.

Share the Content Once it is Posted Online

After having written SEO content you must post and share the content online.

Understand That Practice Makes One Perfect

There is no shortcut to becoming a skilled SEO content writer. You need to practice to become skilled in SEO content writing.

The above-mentioned skills if incorporated by an SEO article writer then it is good for a business which seeks professional services from the writer. If you cherish to become an SEO content writer then adhere to basic SEO rules while writing content and practice hard.

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An Overview of The Copywriters Guild by Mike Dillard

The Copywriters Guild developed by Mike Dillard is a nifty little program developed for serious internet marketers who want to developed compelling and action based ads that can draw leads to them and their website. This is an important tool for a marketer because one needs a page that can immediately grab the attention of its viewers which can in turn begin to help facilitate the marketing and sales funnel process.

Also in this system one will learn how when writing your ad copy you can make it so compelling and create a sense of urgency that you will have leads flowing through your funnel at an extraordinary pace. We all know that if you want to market online you need effective advertising so that you can make sales which means money in your pocket. This system also helps if you want to completely distinguish yourself from the crowd and you want to create your own without any templates. If you can do that, this will also show your leads that you are a leader and can create your own which will allow for others to duplicate you and really put you at the forefront.

The Copywriters Guild is an effective tool to have but I think it’s most useful when and if you as an individual want to venture out into the world of individual ad copy creation. One last thing to remember and that is to always be creative and original with your own work because using others work can be harmful to your reputation and to your expert status.

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How Structured Authoring Can Improve Your Technical Writing

The idea of structured authoring can be a confusing one to begin with, but once it is implemented effectively and in its most accessible form, it can save you a huge amount of time and resources.

Structured authoring is becoming increasingly used within technical writing documents, and there are a number of reasons for this.

Updated specifications

If you are performing technical writing as part of a car manufacturing process, for example, then you may have multiple documents all relating to a certain area, such as the engine size.

If the designers of the car decided to amend the specifications on the engine, then all of the other documentation, which may be hundreds of documents, would all need to be manually updated in order to be correct.

By using an XML framework, it can be configured so that there is one source of information and by simply altering this one section all of the other documents are updated automatically, saving you what could potentially be a huge amount of painstaking work.

Ensuring information is current

Technical writing, by definition, is required to be more exact than most other forms of writing, so ensuring that the information given is correct, is of the utmost importance.

Not only can outdated information look unprofessional from a client’s point of view, it can also have large domino effects when used in technical writing.

Reusable content

Being able to easily reuse content is important when devising an efficient content management system for a business, or organization.

While other forms of content may also use sections such as disclaimers, legal notices and terms of use, when it comes to technical writing there is much more information that is going to be repeated from previous content, that you are able to use.

By allowing each of these sections to be amended from one single source of information, you can reuse this information by simple inputting this field into your new technical writing document.

Content management

As an increasing amount of information becomes more readily stored electronically, ensuring that you have the right content management system in place to deal with this, is going to become a progressively more important task.

The technical writing sector is no different and by embracing the structured authoring and XML framework ideas, businesses can manage their content proficiently and effectively.

The use of meta tags and other identifying information allows for easy storage and use, ensuring the author can easily search for certain documents, or sections. This becomes incredibly useful when you are adding content to a new document, which you know exists elsewhere.

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Keeping the Jamaican Vibe Alive

Jamaicans are the ones keeping jerk vendors like Victor ‘Brown Man’ Grigg’s afloat along the Hip Strip in Montego Bay in the absence of visitors who are few in numbers since the closure of several resorts along the area.

Busily preparing his chicken and festivals for his nightly customers Brown Man as his customers call him, took an opportunity to explain how he has had to marshal the support of Jamaicans in order to remain economically viable during this period.

The ‘Hip Strip’ is the name given to quarter-mile roadway on Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay, Jamaica that is a shopping and eatery district for tourist and locals.

“Our thing is done at nights we use to start at 7p.m. and continue right back until when the parties on the entire street are over in the mornings but now start at 10 p.m. so as not to compete with some of the restaurants. We as jerk vendors now cater to our own local partygoers because the tourist support is hardly there anymore. So right now we affi mek sure that our ting well seasoned and spicy to suite our Jamaicans” he revealed.

For this jerk vendor who has been catering to the appetites of local and international customers for the past five years, has watched tourist support declined gradually over that period. This Brown Man calculated as “90 percent or more of the business now comes from locals, if we are lucky the next 10 percent of less is what we get from tourist who may just walk by or drive by the Hip Strip. Di ting is not what it used to be like but our own his helping us to remain in business”.

Meanwhile, after 25 years of selling crafts along the Hip Strip in Montego Bay, Raymond Smith has never seen such dismal outlook that now seems define the area which is lack of a vibrant atmosphere and few tourists.

“Back in the days when the hotels were open and the area was buzzing you didn’t even have to call a visitor over to buy your stuff, they would just see and buy, all stores along the strip were more unified, everyone looked out for each other” he smiled. But no so these days, it is every man for his or herself in the tourism business he affirmed.

Smith alluded to the fact that had it not been for the renowned Doctor’s Cave Beach and Aqua Sol Theme Park along the Hip Strip that continues to attract tourist, things may have been ever worse “probably we wouldn’t even have any tourist a walk by now given the fact that these hotels lock shop. Thank God fi di few that remain open” he stated. “The hip gone outta di Hip Strip, right now a so so foot” he joked.

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