Writing Your First Christian Ebook

In a previous article that I wrote, “The Art of Christian writing,” I talked about how to write from God’s inspiration as a Christian writer. When you decide to write a Christian ebook, its kind of content is not going to be vastly different from your other writing works as a Christian writer. You are still a Christian writer who must write from the seat of a God inspired spirit and soul.

There are many excellent secular articles on how to write your first ebook. Some may tell you to do some research and find out what’s “hot” or selling on the Internet market and then write about that topic. Hopefully, the topic would be in the same line as your business. Others may tell you to use article writing to promote your website and product(s), without being flagrantly product promotional in your ebook. Still, many people do not follow this good advice; they simply write very poor quality ebooks that are nothing more than pages of promotional material for their products and websites, with no real valuable content information for the reader. While ebooks are an effective tool for marketing an internet business or other businesses, I agree with those who suggest that ebooks should be content-rich and provide valuable information for the reader, even if the ebook is a free, give-away gift to promote a website or business product(s).

As Christian writers, we are not to be driven solely by profit in making our decision about what ebook topic we are to write. I believe that first and foremost, we are really “Ghost” writers for God through His Holy Spirit that dwells within us. So, we are to first pray and ask God to inspire us to write on a topic that He wants us to. You see the amazing thing about being a Christian writer is that when God inspires you to write about a specific topic, rest assured that many people need that information. For example, you may be inspired to write about how to select the best ebook creating software for Christian writers. You may be surprised at the number of Christian writers who are struggling to understand and decide which software to purchase for use in writing and publishing their ebooks. You could be inspired to write about selecting a good website hosting company. You may later discover that with the myriads of website hosting companies available, many Christian writers are overwhelmed with trying to select the company that offers the best and appropriate package for their desired website. God guides Christian writers on what to write and how to write what they write. So, never take this aspect of Christian writing for granted. Once you have a clear vision of the ebook that you are going to write do some research to add to your work.

Once your inspiration is now soaring and you are overflowing with words to pen down, feel free to start writing, using any word processing software. Later, you can always cut and past your writing into an ebook creating software application, or easily covert your document into a simple pdf file. Please note that there are people who write directly into an ebook creator software application. Personally, I prefer to write and store my initial ebook content in a word processing application and then transfer such content, as needed, when creating an actual ebook. In the case of an ebook pdf format, all you would need to do is simply distill a word processing document into a pdf file format.

Below is a clear, writing approach that I suggest that you take as you embark on writing your first Christian ebook writing project:

1. First, you must ask some critical questions. Who is your target audience? Is it just Christians or everyone? If it is everyone, then you need to decide how to present the Biblical information, in a manner that many will receive it. In short, you would need to write what I call, “crossover” Christian writing. This is the kind of writing that appeals to both Christians and non-Christians, because it contains palatable universal truths that all humans can relate to. For example, “Understanding your purpose in life,” “Christian strategies for dealing with daily stress,” etc. But remember, you have to write what God has inspired you to write.

2. Write down an outline of the Christian topic you have decided to write about based on a Biblical theme. Decide whether you plan to write a short Christian ebook or a full-blown book length. I suggest that depending on what the Christian ebook is meant to accomplish, you should then make the decision about the length. For example, if the Christian ebook is for teaching, it could be longer than one designed for evangelism.

3. Organize your Christian ebook outline into logical chapter sections. This could be a by-chapter one-sentence synopsis of what each chapter of your ebook will be about. This is a kind of chapter-by-chapter synopsis.

4. Start with an introduction. Why are you writing about this specific topic? Are there existing problems that individuals are facing, either within the Christian community, or the world as whole, and that you need to address in your writing? Also, be ready to offer Bible-focused approaches or solutions to tackle the problems identified, but avoid coming across as being judgmental.

5. What do you hope to achieve with your Christian writing, specifically, your ebook? Is a teaching, preaching or an evangelism tool? Is it motivational or inspirational writing? What is your target gender and age group, etc.? Is your ebook for women or men, youth or children? Remember that you are targeting sub groups from within a general pool of Christian readers and non-Christian readers, and perhaps, new individuals who recently have become inspired to read ebooks and books in general.

6. Now, center on your main writing focus, which is the primary core of your Christian ebook. Write from your heart. Write as though you are sitting with someone you really care about and whose interest you have at heart. So, pour out in your writing, the inspirational words that God has given you. Tackle the issue of your writing focus with powerful words of God and deliver in writing an electrifying message, offering short and long-term Bible-based approaches to solving the problems. Don’t worry about editing your writing for now. Just write. You’ll focus on the editing aspect later.

7. Make sure that as you write on the main focus, that is the core of your writing, you clearly identify specific issues, discuss them and provide solutions or guidance based on God’s Holy Word. Don’t come across as superficial in your writing, or as having little or no expert knowledge on the topic that you are writing about.

8. Write simply, clearly and concisely. As much as possible, please bullet your points and keep them straightforward and plain. Remember that when people are seeking information, the last thing they would want is a long, convoluting prose that is hard to decipher what the point is.

9. As much as possible try to use specific and realistic examples to illustrate your points.

10. Avoid using generalizations, as this may turn off some people.

11. If you are writing a “crossover” Christian ebook, don’t sound too preachy or you may loose your audience. Instead, present and illustrate God’s Holy Word with examples of real life scenarios that your audience can relate to. For example, you can illustrate how a mountain climber stranded on a Swiss snow mountain prayed for a miracle and got one; a rescue helicopter that had flown across several times and didn’t spot him, suddenly did after he prayed.

12. Write your conclusion or summary. This should be brief and concise and should not be a repetition of what you have already stated; rather you can ask a question about the Christian topic that you are writing about. Something for your reader to think about, or perhaps, a hook that would make then eager to read your next Christian ebook.

13. Now, edit and polish your ebook content that is still in a word processing format, and get it ready to be produced or created, that is, for you to cut and paste your writing into the ebook format of your choice. There are many excellent articles on different ebook formats and ebook cover creator software. Shortly, I will be adding a new article, “Christian Writers Choice of eBook Format.”

Bear in mind that your first Christian ebook could become the beginning of a great Christian ministry for you. Your first Christian ebook could be the beginning of tons of ebooks that you will be writing, a Christian ebook webstore or a teaching, preaching and evangelism ministry that could touch the lives of millions around the world. Remember the popular adage that goes, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So, gear up, take the first step, and start writing your first Christian ebook.

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