Writing For Textbroker: Is it a Scam?

When starting a freelance writing career online, the beginning of the process can be very confusing. You might spend a few days asking yourself these questions: Which sites are reputable? What sites pay the most? Am I wasting my time?

There are many reputable sites to work for online. Look for sites who ask you to apply and send in a sample of your work. They will usually get back to you in a day or two. If you are approved, be sure to read the FAQ of the site so that you will know the basics and how much you will be getting paid per article. You will also need to note how long your articles need to be and other qualifications that you might need to have.

Sometimes it’s hard to find sites who are reputable and freelancers are always sharing information as to which sites are good and which ones are scams. I have been asked at my website many times over the last few months if Textbroker.com was a reputable freelance writing company to work for. Is textbroker a scam? I can answer that question from experience. No, it text broker is not a scam. When you send in your writing sample, you will be given a ranking from 1-5 from the team at textbroker. The lower the ranking, the lower your pay per article will be.

Once you are accepted and ranked, you may log into the site to view available articles that are in your ranking and the rankings below yours. You can choose one article to write and then cannot choose another one until you have submitted the first. The articles are listed by category, so you can see which ones you might be interested in. Once you click on an article, you will get more detailed information from the client, such as which keywords to use and how many words the article needs to be.

Once you submit your article, it is sent to the client for approval. The client may do one of three things. They can reject the article outright. They can email you for a revision. They can accept the article. Once your article has been accepted by the client, you will see the payment show up in your textbroker account.

Textbroker will then pay you by paypal once your account has reached $10.00. This usually does not take very long to achieve. Each article that is accepted is given a ranking by textbroker. Then, your article rankings are averaged and you will be given a new ranking. As your rankings improve, so does your pay scale. Textbroker is not a scam. They pay in a timely manner and there is plenty of work in the assignments area.

If you are looking for other freelance writing sites that will pay you to submit articles, you should visit The Green Ninja at http://www.thegreenninja.org to read about other sites such as eHow, Demand Studios, Bukisa, Today.com and more. There is a wealth of information about getting your articles published and putting money in your pocket.

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