Writing and Editing Jobs on Craigslist – How to Avoid Scams and Trouble

Are you an experienced freelance writing who is looking for employment? If so, you can turn to Cragislist.org. Many individuals and companies who need to hire writers turn to the popular classified service. To search open writing or editing jobs, visit your city page and perform a search. You will get a number of results. Unfortunately, some of those will be scams and others are legitimate, but more trouble than they are worth. How can you protect yourself as a writer or editor?

If working as a freelance writer, there are two things you must do right away before starting a new job or project that you got from Craigslist. They are have a contract drawn up and determine your rights. There are many individuals who have good ideas for books, but don’t know how to compile their thoughts into words. They hire the services of a freelance writer. If the book gets published, will your name be listed as a contributing author? Know what happens to your writing and who owns the rights before starting work. After doing so, don’t just get a verbal agreement, but get it in writing too. Draw up a contract or have your client do it.

Whether you are applying for an in-house writing or editing position or a freelance one, it is important to ensure you have experience. Although this should be verified during the interview process, avoid complications later down the line. Send samples of your work along with your resume. It is not uncommon for freelance writers to have their services terminated or for in-house writers to be fired if their work isn’t up to par. This is one big mess that you want to avoid. Not only put forth your best effort, but apply for jobs and accept freelance writing projects that you know you can do well.

Although you will find some in-house writing positions, most are for freelance opportunities. Hiring a freelance writer costs businesses less. Freelancers are contract employees, meaning they don’t get health benefits and they buy their own work supplies. Scammers like to target work-at-home opportunities. You can find an individual using a company as front to steal your work and not pay, someone trying to acquire a “training fee,” or someone who wants your bank account information or social security number. Save time and hassle by doing research first. Perform a standard internet search with any individual, company, or website name. Make sure they are a legitimate company and that they actually pay the freelance writers they hire.

The best types of writing and editing jobs to apply for are in-house positions. With these, you are guaranteed a set hourly pay. If you opt for freelance work advertised on Craigslist, search and choose your jobs carefully. You will find many positions where the pay is based on revenue sharing and others where you receive a flat rate for the project.

Now that you know how to avoid scams and trouble when working as a freelance writer, you can start your job search on Craigslist. To perform a traditional city search, visit your state and city page and use the search box to the left. To search multiple cities, entire states, or all of Craigslist with ease, download the free Craigslist Reader at MotionT.com.

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