Writing a Newspaper Article – Discover 4 Important Elements of News Writing

1. Fairness. As a journalist, it’s very important that you’re not biased when writing your articles. You should not take any side of the story. Remember, your goal here is to serve the people. You ought to give them balanced news each time you tap on your keyboard. There shouldn’t be any point where you’ll resort to blatant lie or when you’ll over stretch the truth. Believe me, this will ruin your credibility in no time.

2. Clarity. Unless you’re writing your news articles to win literary awards, you should make clarity your number one priority. Instead of using high fallutin words that will leave your readers guessing as to what you’re trying to get across, use simple terms as much as possible. Your audience must be able to understand your stories the first time that they read your articles.

3. Conciseness. This means completeness and brevity. Remember, less is more in the field of news writing. You should be able to tell your chosen stories using as few words as possible. You should also avoid redundancy or unnecessary repetition at all times. Conciseness also means using the most effective words in getting your message across. This is not only to save some space but also to help your readers save their precious time.

4. Timeliness. As your job is to keep your readers updated on the recent events that are happening around them, you should always focus on writing stories that are recent and newsworthy. Writing something that happened yesterday will not help you get your news articles noticed. You should go out there and find out the things that are happening right now. Do all your might to make sure that you’re the first one to write about them.

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