Why Would Anyone Want to Be an Internet Ghostwriter?

Ghostwriting is an old profession. Ghostwriters have been writing speeches for politicians and secretly authoring celebrity autobiographies for decades. Even so, there is a lot of confusion and disparate attitudes about this useful profession.

My family thinks I do not have a “real job” and no amount of explaining clarifies that attitude. Some might think that ghostwriting is a cleaned-up version of the world’s oldest profession, if you know what I mean. A prospective client thought I wrote letters to ghosts, but became an occasional client anyway. A sense of humor is handy.

All of my clients are Internet Marketers who are too busy maintaining and promoting their businesses to spend time with tasks they do not have time for or like. Since “Content is King” on the Web, this is an area where ghostwriters shine. We produce articles, ebooks, ecourses and short reports on almost any subject of interest to online customers.

That might be the accurate short version, but the real question is “Why Would Anyone Want To Be A Ghostwriter?” Let’s find out.

If you have held jobs or pursued almost any normal career that required daily attendance, punching a time clock or a strict dress code, you also endured traffic problems, family problems and other stresses that made you consider finding a job that you enjoyed doing. I bet you harbor a secret desire to find out how to make a living from your bedroom computer, while dressed only in your underwear, or less. Go ahead, admit it. I think that dream is shared by half the world.

Ghostwriting will allow you to live your dream!

The demand for new content and lots of it on the Web is a constantly expanding need that will support a writer with good spelling and grammar skills and an ability to write in a conversational manner. You don’t have to be a novel writer so quit thinking that you would have to write 300-400 page books. Most Internet Marketer’s need for information products is in the 20-40 page range for ebooks and 300-500 word range for articles.

The thought you have to get embedded in your mind is that you are providing a valuable service to businessmen and women and deserve to get a reasonable fee for writing the content necessary for their businesses. This is definitely a symbiotic relationship with each one depending on the other to sustain each other’s business. Do some research on prices charged by other ghostwriters and start out with a fee schedule that hits somewhere in the middle of the rates you uncovered with your research.

One benefit of ghostwriting that I didn’t consider, or even know about, was where my clients would virtually take me when I researched the topic they hired me to write. What a trip! I’ve investigated every aspect of Internet Marketing, taught several hundred “students” how to write an ebook, peeked into the affairs of celebrities, critiqued an eBook about the Law of Attraction, discovered the history and mythology behind tattoos and searched for accurate information on ghosts. All from my computer desk. (Not going to tell you how I dress when I am ghostwriting.)

The last and maybe most important benefit is the total freedom and control you finally have over your own life. You sleep when you want to and can wake up without an alarm clock. As long as you keep your clients happy, you can take vacations when you feel like it. Your time with your family is not limited by leaving early for a job downtown and getting home after dark.

Granted, you might have to learn to write while a toddler is hugging your leg or kissing your elbow, but that’s a major benefit that you never had in a traditional job. What’s not to like?

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