Why Every Start-Up Needs a Grant Writer

A classic explanation provided for failed start-up initiatives is the lack of adequate funding and capital financing.

This points to a greater need for evaluating how viable solutions with proven value to society fail to attract investors to buy into the idea.

Some common issues acknowledged for this disinterest among investors are the lack of a convincing proposal that highlights the value proposition of the solution, and an ineffectively drafted grant/funding application.

Grant writers can help start-ups to prepare funding proposals and business plans effectively because of the following reasons:-

  • Drafting business plans and funding proposals are time-consuming: A proposal writer provides a start-up with undivided attention in the formulation of a document that captures the organization’s values, value proposition, and expectations.
  • A grant writer consults for the start-up on the different available funding structures suitable for their type of initiative: This requires intensive research into the most viable options and opportunities for funding that are appropriate for the start-up’s values, and needs.
  • A proposal writer can tailor the presentation documents to suit different audiences: start-ups approach various stakeholders with different needs. But stakeholders also have different goals and targets. A grant writer will be able to note the different stakeholder’s goals and subsequently develop different styles of the presentation tailored for specific audiences since the generic content does not ‘fit all.’
  • A grant writer evaluates the organization’s proposals and highlights the shortcomings of the presentations: Not all start-ups lack the requisite knowledge or time to formulate a viable presentation for their business plan or the fund seeking proposal. However, a grant writer provides a critical observation using professional metrics to ascertain the impression about the start-up that emanates from their presentations. The degree of scrutiny employed by a grant writer in evaluating the presentation can help the start-up to improve the quality of their content and presentation.
  • As information continues to stream in, a start-up can be overwhelmed and lose track of their initial project plan. A grant writer not only provides the scripting services but can also assist in monitoring the implementation of the project plan. This is important if the organization is to achieve its initial goal. Sticking to the scheme also enables the organization to establish itself as a reliable partner to the project financiers and hence provide grounds for seeking future funding opportunities.
  • It is also normal for a startup initiative to have unrealistic projections and expectations. It is, therefore, important to have a grant writer in place to check those expectations. A grant writer can manage their ‘bosses’ expectations to practicability levels to increase the chances of success; and to reduce the effect of the outcomes of the presentations (positive and negative).

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Source by Chris Bouchard

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