Who Said Writing Was A Lonely Process?

It is said that writing can be a lonely experience. One where you toil through the days and work straight into the nights, tapping away on a keyboard or draining ink from a pen or lead from pencil as you scribble away on paper. For sure in those times, a writer needs the space to germinate the writing seed which hopefully was planted in those quiet times of isolation. Children are phenomenal at this and they don’t even skip a beat when they’re creating. As soon as they put their little heads on their pillows, they’re off to some dreamland, some place where their make believe is exactly that – make believe. But as proponents of imagination, we must guard against what they see, feel or hear since any negativity can have an impact in their ‘mindspace’.

Creating the masterpiece manuscript does take time and having the space to do so is important. Invaluable actually. But then as human beings we need to create a space anyway in order to be still and rejuvenate. So as a writer it’s even moreso imperative to be still so that the creative juices are able to flow.

Talk to like-minded people. Put on some music. Take a walk in the park. Close your eyes and breathe for a few minutes inhaling the goodness Mother Nature always gives; allowing her to energise every cell and membrane in your mind, body and soul. Eat natural and mind-filling food. Read entertaining, empowering and enlightening books and turn off the television but if you do watch it, discern storylines and scrutinise characterisation (since this helps with building your own writing expertise). Absorbing these subliminal images and dialogues into your cerebral cortex and effectively, your consciousness, only adds to your repertoire.

It really isn’t loneliness, you know. It’s just about creating a space where you recuperate and re-energise. And about internalising everything that happens around you, sucking into your being what has already been described and mixing it all up in the blender called your mind. All with the provisio that what you intake makes you and your writing magnificently better.

The created void is the beginning of the process of letting yourself be, feel and hear. Followed by the visualising of what it is you want to write, be it an essay, composition, story, article or blog. It’s great to imagine, allowing the thoughts to wonder, randomly or otherwise and what then manifests, emerging from that creative void, is a piece of work inspired by the Universal ether.

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Source by Kwame MA McPherson

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