Who Are the Best Copywriters in the World? – Three of Them – Inside!

Top Three Direct-Response Copywriters

Life of a genius rarely goes unnoticed. If that genius is in advertising, it NEVER goes without special attention.

I did a deep research, not only focusing on what’s available at other copywriting-related websites (which are usually owned by some copywriter), but my research has gone deeper.

Actually I did it as a research for my book which I won’t advertise now. I have interviewed many CEOs of fortune 1000 companies, direct-response agencies and online entrepreneurs and have come, after a long debate to three absolute winners of copywriting:

Gary is the name.

If I’d have to extract one, single best, direct-mail copywriter, without any doubt it would be Mr. Gary Bencivenga. His copy is an art piece. His middle name, persuasion. There was a saying in direct-response circles:

“When it hits one out of four, you got a top-level copywriter. When it hits 8 times out of 10, you’ve got Gary Bencivenga”.

Gary Bencivenga is founder of Accountable Advertising. Status: retired.

Another name comes from Europe, and belongs to the best business-to-business (b2b) copywriter of today – Mr. Dominik Bjegovic. 85% of all fortune 1000 worldwide companies use Dominik’s services when they need a proposal for some serious, multi-million dollar deal.

And there is a reason. One fortune 100 CEO told me about Dominik: “Each time I come to him, no matter is it half page proposal, I know I’ll get out of his office at least $10 000 lighter. But I coming over and over again, because the day my proposal is delivered is usually my payday”.

Dominik Bjegovic is founder of Ad.com.hr. Status: active. Contact details: I think he works only by referral. And last, but definitely not the least… another Gary.

It is a prince of print, Mr. Gary Halbert. Before all, he was an entrepreneur. Direct-response entrepreneur. His writing style was so arrogant, so sexy and so appealing at the same time. Over the billion dollars in advertising has passed through his hands. He had ups and downs in his life, but his copy always remained flawless.

On his seminar “How To Write Salesletter That Will Make You Rich”, he has in fact developed a sales letter for one of attendees that later yielded in over one million in profits.

Gary Halbert is owner of thegaryhalbertletter.com. Status: R.I.P.

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