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Even if you’ve never written for money before, you can make great money as a Web content writer. This is because on the Web as in the print media, eyeballs translate into dollars. And since Web content writers attract eyeballs to Web sites, the demand for Web content writers is high.

What Does a “Web Content Writer” Write?

Anyone who writes for the Web editorially is writing Web content. “Editorial” material may be articles, essays, blogs, product descriptions, and guides. Editorial Web writing may also mean writing Web pages, but this shades over into Web copywriting, or marketing copywriting.

How To Get Started Writing Web Content

The easiest way to get started is just to type “web content writer +job” (without quotation marks) into any search engine and start browsing. You can also visit Web out-sourcing sites, of which more seem to be springing up every day. Within a short time, you’ll have enough jobs to keep you busy.

As soon as possible however, you’ll want to create your own content-writing Web site so that clients come to you – this means you can spend less time searching for writing gigs, and more time writing. It also means that you can develop your own stable of clients – people who know you and the work that you do, and work with you long-term. With a stable of clients, you’ll have a reliable steady income, which will grow each year.

Another benefit of developing your own site is that you can develop relationships with other Web professionals like site developers and graphic designers, and can bid on larger projects.

As More Advertising Moves Online, Web Writing Will Develop Into A Huge Writing Field

Each year, more advertising dollars move online, because that’s where the people are. This means that the opportunities for Web content writers will continue to expand. If this new form of writing intrigues you, get started now. It’s a lot of fun, and very lucrative too.

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