Understanding Your Placement in a World of Unnecessary Compartmentalization

Understanding your placement in a world of many compartments! So many times, as individuals we find ourselves in a place of feeling compartmentalized, not even by our own doing. The murmurs we hear as we walk across a room, or in passing a group of family, or a group of supposed-friends, whispering and comparing themselves to others. Everyone is individual, no two people excel, at the same time, in everything. There is enough abundance on the planet for everyone. Not a single person, on the planet can take away the talent or skill from another person. JEALOUSY IS A FALLACY- CREATED BY UNPLANNED ACTION, UNKNOWN FACTS, OR FOR THE LACK OF WILL TO PRACTICE AND HONE YOUR OWN CHOICE OF SKILLS OR TALENTS, LACK OF PATIENCE, PURPOSE, OR THROUGH IMMATURE IDEALS. Anyone on the planet can be happy and does not need to compartmentalize another person to feel better about himself!

Ever wonder where they get the ideas? Why it is that they feel the need to verbalize, whether audible to you or not; their anxiety about the difference in your life from theirs? Or, have they come to trying to compartmentalize your ideas, philosophies, or even your way of living your life? SO many times, other peoples perception of their own lives clouds their judgments OF the innocent others, and they feel the need to compartmentalize people that they cannot either accept or understand.

Issues, from another persons childhood, have nothing to do with you, it’s their issue that they are trying to cloud, or to mask. Perhaps its their anxiety over some kind of talent, of their own making; their own advantage, or achievement that brings them anxiety for keeping their own talent hidden, dormant or unattended. Through analyzing or criticizing the differences that they find in me and in you, they only bring themselves to fit into a compartment similar to a messy dresser drawer with talents and skills that are unused or sadly not manifested- they need to utilize their own skill set bringing them their own success and leaving us alone!

Usually kids that are really into school are wanting to be in the front row of the lesson, or in closest proximity to the teacher. Fellow students can not understand that; I can not understand how they would not want to sit close to a teacher, mentor or leader. There is a sadness in anyone that does not want to learn.

That sadness is a mask; not the truth; YOU and me and anyone else is Brilliant; EVERYONE else around you CAN see that; WHY can’t you let that thought design POSITIVE ENERGY to express to YOURSELF? Again tell yourself how wonderful you truly are; IF NOT I WILL? YOU are amazing and beautiful; to all family, friends and future friends; let’s get-on with the business of expressing your brilliance to the WORLD!”

Learning peace; to love myself; no more responses to questions about the topic of judgement, by close friends and immediate family: your life is nobody’s business; just as the life of others is their own business; NO ONE’S LIFE IS MY CONCERN TO SPEAK OR COMMENT ABOUT; UNLESS I OFFER COMPLIMENTS FOR ALL OF THE GOOD THINGS THAT THEY REFLECT AND THAT I SEE AND ADMIRE. No one’s life decisions, or living is MINE TO JUDGE EITHER.

Guess there’s a lot of truth in the old adage,”LIVE AND LET LIVE IN PEACE, DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO AND SAY UNTO YOU!”

Enough of my ranting, and belly-aching, being on a spiritual journey to enligh-TEN-MENT is oftentimes a lonely journey… The day that you arrive to your graduation point and place in time; CALL ME; I’LL come to your festive occasion and celebrate your ENLIGHTENMENT DEGREE and HOPEFULLY I WILL BE WAITING TO RECEIVE MY ENLIGHTENED DIPLOMA AT THE SAME TIME AS YOU!

Have a great day!

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

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Makler Heidelberg

Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune

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