Top Quality Freelance Writers in India

It is an absolute misconception that freelance writers in India are not of good quality.

Unfortunately, such a wrongful perception has largely come about because most online freelance sites do not adequately whet aspirant writers coming onto these platforms. As a result, such “wannabe” writers land up by the droves, especially from India, given the country’s large overall population – a significant proportion of which is comfortable with the English language.

Once online freelance sites put strong filters or “barriers to entry”, say in the form of robust tests to confirm genuine fluency and comfort in English, clients will have much more comfort in hiring freelance writers from India, without any qualms whatsoever.

English Language Legacy

In the context of freelance writers in India, it is vital to understand the English language legacy which the country has. For centuries, India was ruled by the British. As a result, English became the lingua franca, especially for official correspondence.

This is easily understood when we compare with a lot of other Commonwealth countries in particular, be it Canada, Australia, Fiji, Guyana, Malaysia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Singapore, and Jamaica to name a few.

Across all of these nations, you will find English as a language to be commonplace.

English Language Academic System

Besides the English language legacy, it is also imperative to understand that the formal educational system in India is actually in English. As a result, children from an early age are exposed to the language and become comfortable in it, easily and quickly.

Yes, this may not be universally true across every part of India, but it is definitely true for the major cities of India, which as is common knowledge, are quite large with huge populations, often comparable to that of entire countries!

Societal Pride

It is also true that Indian society tends to attach a lot of importance to English language fluency. So, for instance, if you are fluent in English, you will be given more respect in society.

Further, your chances of grabbing a coveted job are incrementally higher when you are fluent and conversant in the English language.


The conclusion here would be that there is a veritable populace in India which is fluent and extremely comfortable with the English language.

It is from this very populace that freelance writers in India, emerge.

Writing them off, simply because of their nationality, is just not the right thing to do. In any case, any kind of generalizing or stereotyping is never a good idea.

Against this backdrop, hiring freelance writers in India is definitely recommended, especially since many of them offer good value for money, without compromising on quality.

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