Top 10 Swipe File Ads and Sales Letters For New Copywriters

One question new copywriters often ask is, “what are the best swipe file ads?”

It’s a good question, too — especially since swiping the wrong ads can often do you far more harm than good.

My opinion on this is, I don’t really “swipe” anymore these days.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a list of favorite ads to study for ideas, ad structures (very important), and inspiration.

So here goes — my top 10 ads (in no particular order) copywriters should study:

* Scott Haines’s “Trump University” sales letter

* Gary Halbert’s “Betty’s Diet Book” print ad

* Gary Bencivenga’s “Interviews That Win Jobs” print ad

* Eugene Schwartz’s “The TV Owner’s Guide” print ad

* John Carlton’s “Combat JKD” print ad

* Jim Rutz’s “Integrated Health Solutions” sales letter

* Mel Martin’s “What Never To Eat On An Airplane” sales letter

* Gary Halbert’s The “Crime Connection” sales letter

* Gary Halbert’s “The Josh Abraham Letter” sales letter

* Gary Bencivenga’s “Lies Lies Lies” magalog

Now, something to note:

In a couple of these cases, I really don’t know how much money the ad pulled. Usually, you’re better off only studying ads that earned the big bucks. But either way, studying these ads has been extremely profitable for my business.

Fortunately, you can find some of them online free, too. (Just “Google” them.)

But in some of these cases, you will may have to pay a little money to get the rest of them (or ask the copywriters who wrote them).

And that’s as it SHOULD be.

You’ll get way more value out of copywriting instruction and tools you have to hunt, sweat and pay for than if you can just print and stuff them in a folder free.

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Makler Heidelberg

Source by Ben Settle

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