The Writer As A Marketer

Should aspiring or professional writers see themselves as marketers? This is a personal question that you alone should answer, not me.

I am sure you can mention a thousand and one reason people aspire to write. It could be for pleasure, fame, money, education, inform or entertain or whatever.

So, while one writer may not be interested in making money, but educating the readers, another may want to make all the money on earth. No general rule here.

I have said it over and over again; a good writer is a wordsmith. It is good to read anything and everything under the sun.

But, the journey to becoming a good writer comes with practice, practice and more practice. I have said this in my earlier articles.

Let us look at the writer as a marketer. The business side of writing, if you wish to call it so. Just like me, I am sure you too need extra income. Please, don’t laugh, only smile.

Yes, you sell yourself, your script, your books, your articles to the entire world as a writer.

In this modern age, people and nations are looking out for where individuals and nations are searching for specific information, solution, ideas, values, etc.

So, writers must strive to fill the gap, provide solutions, add values and solve problems using the writing words for their target market or audience.

I do not know about others, But, I do know as a writer, a journalist that making money comes with real hard work.

I have abandoned my family for the computers and the internet, researching, reading, browsing and having sleepless nights these days.

Truth is that my wife and daughter understand. Do they? God knows they do. Ho ho ho ho oh.

But, am I making money? Good question, but I will answer it, ha ha ha ha ha. Seriously though, writers must begin to look at the business sides of writing, if they have not already done so. I am guilty of this.

Write, tell the entire world and sell your product over time. Yes there could instance hit where you will make millions in local or foreign currencies selling your books, script, articles, novels, whatever.

There is no fast rule about this. For some writers, it could take hours, days, weeks, months and years to make a breakthrough.

The social media is a credible platform for both amateur and professional writers to tell the world about their products, themselves, their passions, knowledge and skills.

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Source by Emmanuel Udom

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