The Photo Journalism With Digital Camera

The people who take up photo journalism are those who look for news. In essence they are different breed of people who are inquisitive and are very alert and always look out for news under strange or unexpected situations. The most remarkable attribute of a good photo journalist’s is his or her anticipation of an event, which he/she posses a gut feeling or sense something dramatic will happen. This is apparent among the journalist photographers who are present at the scene or happening. The photo journalists posses eye for detail capturing the very interesting action news. The photo journalist use the photo images effectively to depict the actual news or the story of any particular news event. In other words, photo journalism has become an exciting profession for people who look for challenge and excitement.

The photo journalist has the eye for a captivating news photo. It is the intuitive, alert mind and sharp eye that gives the photo journalist the edge in choosing the visual image that will tell the news most effectively. In photo journalism taking photos at the right moment is vital.

1.Use Appropriate Camera Equipment

If you want to become the photo journalist, you should not only have the eye for deatail and also should be bold enough to get in to the middle of the action irrespective of the camera equipment you possess.

2. The Compact Digital Camera

If you are a new to photo journalism, depending on the circumstances, initially the compact camera may be adequate instead of a Digital SLR. The advantage of compact camera is it can be concealed and conveniently used if in a sensitive or an undercover situation where the photographers personal safety is at a risk. However, there are limitations on using digicam for photojournalism. For example, the lens and zooming capability will not help the photographer to take photos at distance from the subject. In other words, you need to go closer to the subject if you need any clear pictures.

Similarly, the response time of compact digital camera is very slow, as a result volatile or quick action situations where the journalist have to move fast, the digicam may not be able to capture the seen owing to slow response. The main reason is the zoom and sensors which are electronically operated takes a few seconds to get activated . In essence, the main disadvantage of compact digital camera is its slowness in capturing images. When compared to the DSLR cameras which has the auto and manual operations, most photo journalists would agree that digicam is very slow.

3.Digital SLR Camera

If you use DSLR instead digicam, you are able to capture exact moment, by pressing the shutter release button. In other words, DSLR can be zoomed very fast manually, and you can see the actual seen through the view finder rather than the LCD. Hence, you can at once capture the moment by pressing the shutter release button using hand and eye coordination.

Having look at the advantages and the disadvantages of compact digital camera and the DSLR, one should realize that photo journalism not only selecting the right equipment. At the same time using the correct judgement to choose the right equipment at the correct time.

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