The Importance of Copywriting in Advertising

You may have heard the term “copywriter” at some point in your career, but you might not know exactly what that person does. Well, in this article you will find out exactly what a copywriter does and how he/she can benefit your business. Read on to find out more.

A copywriter is a words person. This is different than graphic design, where they are concerned with the layout and aesthetics of an advertisement or sales letter. Here, a copywriter is having a sales conversation with one person at a time, showing each prospect how the product in question will help him/her.

A copywriter essentially writes “copy,” which is all of the persuasive writing that helps that buyer make a decision whether or not a certain product is for them. It all starts with the headlines. Every time you walk by the magazine rack in line at the grocery store or newsstand, you are experiencing the power of the headline.

This is where the copywriter begins. He has to bring the reader out of an anti-advertising trance and focus that person’s attention on the product for just a second. Once that attention is focused, the copywriter uses other tools to pull the reader into the “body copy,” which is the meat of the sales letter or advertisement.

Contrary to popular belief, a copywriter can’t convince a person to buy something that they don’t want. The sales letter has to be put in front of a person that would have a want for the product that is being sold. You can’t sell tires to a person without a car and you can’t sell anything to a person that has no use for it.

Thus, you want to make sure that you have also “pre-qualified” the prospect. The pre-qualification process brings the reader in front of products that they have shown an interest in. You can do this through email lists, magazine subscriptions to certain types of people, even specific cable channels, where the listeners are all members of a certain demographic.

The copywriter is only responsible for about 30% of the sale. The rest has to do with the right product in front of the right audience. There is no magic bullet with copywriting, but their are fundamentals that all good copywriters need to know. Without those fundamentals, you can have the best product in front of the best audience, and the sales letter could actually turn people away.

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