The Habit of a Journalist

Out of all the activities, journaling according to me is the healthiest activity. You feel relieved after spilling out every single thought going through your head. It is a fun activity as well because you play with your own words and ways of expression. Everyone should make journaling a habit.

Most of us feel like giving up writing after a week or two. Have you ever wondered why does this happen? This is because we don’t make it a routine habit. We actually think of it as a hectic task but not as a pleasurable and joyful activity.

At the very beginning we get stuck at finding the right topic to write on. One easiest way of getting rid of this problem is to right about what you’ve done for the whole day. Write down about your daily routine, your work, your love life, things you like and things you dislike. Writing about your own self is one of the simplest topic you can ever find.

Secondly, reading can also help. Searching for random stuff on internet including journals written by different people can give you various ideas about what to write and how to write it. Reading helps you learn better ways to express your thoughts and ideas. This is how you learn how to express your inner thoughts and feelings through relevant and affective words.

Try to find out inspirations. Your inspirations and aspirations are basically the sources of motivation. Bookmark the journals, articles, quotes or texts you like. Keep a record for present and future reference.

Environment and your state of mind are also quite important. The time when you wake up in the morning is considered as the period when you can effectively utilize all your senses to produce excellent work. Moreover, it is important to be in a relaxing environment where you feel good. It affects your mind more than you can imagine and it enhances the productivity rate as well. For instance, while sitting under a huge tree with a cup of tea, you can think about so many things and can transform all those thoughts and ideas into some amazing words. All you need is a good diary with a fine pen like that of Parker or Pelikan.

In the end, all I want to say is if you want to write, just start doing it. You will feel a lot better and productive. Mark my words.

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