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How Do You Learn Or Train for General Transcription Work?

How do you learn or train for general transcription? There is no formal training required for general transcription. You can learn general transcription yourself and practice. One way to train for general transcription is by transcribing anything you hear. Transcribing regularly will help you build speed and acquire an ear for transcription work. Practicing transcription […]

The Fixation Behavior of an Autistic Child

Fixation is a common characteristic in the behavior of an autistic child. The child may be fixated on a book, a picture, a person, maps, music, numbers, or a movie. Whatever the fixation, the high functioning autistic child will become a resident expert on the subject. They will memorize and will be able to regurgitate […]

Similarity Between Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay and an Article

The similarities between a five paragraph essay and an article are quite numerous but for the reason of this discussion just the relevant ones will be picked and discussed. An article is a piece of writing mostly nonfiction about the contemporary happenings in the society. It comes in various sizes of length and is usually […]

10 Reasons to Hire a Ghost Writer for Your Writing Project

Ghostwriter’s are paid to write articles, website content, full length fiction and nonfiction books, ebooks, sales copy, press releases and pretty much everything else that can earn you money. After the job is complete the copyright then passes to the ghostwriter’s client. From that moment on, as far as the world is concerned, the client […]

The 5 Ws of Newsletter Or Ezine Publishing

You have a website that sells a product or service. You have decent traffic, but most of the visitors are unique visitors, meaning, they visit once and then leave and possibly forget that your business even exists. One of the single most important things that website owners should do, but all too often do not, […]

5 Qualities You Need to Possess if You Want Have A Career In Journalism

Everybody wants to be a journalist. The job can be exciting and in some way glamorous. Depending on where you are assigned, you are given the chance to try out new things and meet different people. Some are given assignments to cover fashion while the others are into health and some about news about the […]

HR KPI for News and Mass Media

Without any doubt we are living in the age of information. News is all around us. Every morning people read newspapers and visit web pages of most popular online news agencies. There is a very high competition in mass media business. Everyone tries to be the first to deliver news to people. This contributes to […]

Populating Visual FoxPro Reports with data on the Fly

Abstract: Visual FoxPro’s report writer is a powerful full-featured report writer that provides all the tools you need to create and ship compelling reports with your application. On Most occasions, you can create Visual FoxPro reports based only on data that already exists (e.g. an existing table, query or view). However, imagine that the data […]

15 Questions to Ask a Grant Writer For Hire

Here are 15 questions to ask a grant professional you are considering for a job: 1) What is your grant writing success rate? The best way to determine a success rate is to divide the number of approved grants by the number of submissions. 2) What are some examples of grants you have received? 3) […]

Ghostwriter Code of Ethics

Today, there are many ghostwriters writing essays for college students. These college students are trying to take advantage of the fact that a “ghostwriter” is normally a professional writer that writes something and then gives the client credit. Ghostwriters are also taking advantage of this fact and are trying to profit from it. In this […]

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