Skills Needed To Work As A Ghostwriter

So you think you have the skills to be a successful ghostwriter? Well, it’s not just about having good writing skills–it’s about giving good customer service. Every client believes his or her story is unique and deserving of a wide audience. The art of the ghostwriter is being able to share in a particular client’s enthusiasm and translate that into a cohesive and, hopefully, marketable work.

When someone hires a ghostwriter, a lot of intangibles go into that decision. He’s not looking just for a writer; he’s looking for a friend, confidant and advocate. There’s a lot of chemistry in the process.

This idea of chemistry and connection is crucial to standing out in a crowded marketplace and becoming a highly paid ghostwriter in the process. The ability to bond with a client stems from a writer’s sense of empathy. If you can’t put yourself in a potential client’s shoes, he or she won’t likely be giving you the job.

Whether you’re writing a memoir, business book, or novel for someone, being on the same page and also advancing a client’s agenda is crucial.

In today’s tough job market, a lot of people are turning to the idea of freelance ghostwriting. Here are some key skills you’ll need to possess to get the job done right:

* Have your own ideas–even if you’ll be creating a book for someone else. That means being well read and versed in the topics of the day. Plagiarism is a big no-no. Use the Internet for research and fact checking only–no lifting other people’s writing. Just because it’s on the Web doesn’t make it copyright free!

* Clean up your work. Sure, the better ghostwriting companies have editors and proofreaders to back you up, but in the draft stages, when material goes back and forth between writer and client, a relatively clean manuscript is still essential. Nothing says unprofessional like a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes.

* Know how to interview. Writers who are able to listen and also to coax a story out of a client can become great ghostwriters. Paramount to that is having strong people skills.

* Meet deadlines. Keep your clients’ confidence by never missing deadlines. So make sure you’re ready to burn the midnight oil–even turning out 20,000 words a week once the initial outline and interviews are completed.

* Be Internet-research savvy. The ability to search the Internet for facts and ideas will make you a better ghostwriter. The key is to take those facts and turn them into lively prose. Plagiarism is a huge no-no.

If after reviewing the above points, you consider yourself someone with what it takes to be a successful ghostwriter, then consider one more key factor: it’s vital that you be able to sell yourself. Whether working for a ghostwriting company or going solo, the ability to project confidence, competence and compassion–the three Cs–will make the difference in pleasing your client.

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Source by Olga V. Vladi

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