Self Publishing – Quantity or Quality?

You must be wondering what the title of the post meant? Yes, it is still related to the self publishing of books. There are some authors that think ‘just business’ when publishing on Amazon Kindle. Some authors have just designed a business model that just produced books in lightning speed and increased their number of books in the portfolio so they make quick money and get rich fast. They would have just uploaded their books in the platform only for the sake of mere numbers and no passion or interest for writing. They have used ‘ghost writers’ and made small eBooks on random topics and uploaded them to make money. While there is no mistake in having ‘ghostwriters’; there is definitely a problem with having too many poor quality books priced higher.

The readers are smart, they would clearly understand if they have stumbled upon a low quality book and they never make the same mistake again. They would never buy that book from that publisher/author. But if you are using multiple names, then it might get tricky. In any way, long term commitment is necessary to be able to build a successful career as an author. While short-term you may see some money flowing, there is no credibility as a long-term publisher/author. So, it is advisable to follow the ethics of writing in self publishing world. This will also enable the dreamers of the writing career, the noble writers that are passionate about getting their first writing work in front of the readers.

Quality always won over Quantity in just many areas, not limited to writing alone. When amazon publishing was started five years ago, many authors felt a sigh of relief. The sincere, passionate authors that have faced several rejections from the traditional publishing world have experienced joy. And they have self published their books and got success down the road. They remained as those great passionate authors and grew overtime with both success and joy.

On the other hand, there are many publishers that have uploaded books, rather the short, low quality books as they found a system that can be used as a business and of course lucrative. ‘Get rich fast’ attitude and scheme. It definitely brought success to them, but it was short- term. Their books sold the first few weeks or months and they declined. It is simple, as long as the authors put their zeal, heart and passion into their manuscript or work, success is bound to come to them. For others, that merely consider self publishing an avenue to make money, it might be hard long-term.

Success comes with producing quality books coming straight from author’s heart and soul!! Happy writing!!!

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Source by Sadhana Ramaani

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