Secrets of Article Writing – Write Multiple Articles Per Day

Article writing is a very effective way to start a freelance career or market your website. For either purpose, it is important that you publish as often as possible so that your search engine optimization remains high. The following 4 steps can help you get started on creating multiple articles daily.

First, create a list of article titles in batches of similar subject matter. Similarity breeds speed. After completing the first article, each succeeding article will become easier and thus faster since the subject matter is basically the same or very similar in fashion. In time this bit of the exercise will get easier.

Second, generate a list of 3-4 supporting topics for each title. This will make the actual writing a smooth and easy process. The most effective articles are only 400-600 words so keep it simple. Alternatively, since the subject matter is the same, you could create one long list of supporting topics that can be used interchangeably. In the end you have created a few outlines that are well organized to make your writing faster and easier.

Third, start writing with simple sentences and short concise paragraphs. Each paragraph should only contain 3-5 sentences while each supporting topic acts as a separate paragraph. Get the information you want to convey as quick as you can. This organization will not only help with your speed, but it also maintains clarity so that your message is easily understood.

Lastly, as you begin to write, time yourself. Over time when you continuously time yourself you will begin to see that your writing speed decreases. So you can spend the same amount of time writing higher number Because of the similarity of subject matter and through diligent practice, you will begin to create articles in less than 30 minutes. Within a short time, you can be generating 3-4 articles per hour. Depending on how long you spend writing every day, you can easily create the right amount of articles for your intentions.

One bonus step is to outsource some of your work to other writers. If you can afford to hire a ghost writer, your numbers can be substantially increased without sacrificing any quality.

The easiest way to multiply your numbers is to be organized. Setting up a system of outlines will increase your speed, clarity, quality and most importantly, quantity. This process will enable you to write as fast and smoothly as any professional writer.

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Source by Janet B Cole

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