Proven Copywriting Formula By "Auntie Aida"

Right, first things first…

Who the hell is Auntie Aida? Has your Dad got a long lost-sister he hasn’t told you about? Or is she your Mum’s secret twin?

Breathe. It’s none of those.

You see, “AIDA” is a copywriting formula. And if you use it when writing your copy, it’s gonna help you sell more products.

So, what does AIDA stand for?

A= Attention

I= Interest

D= Desire

A = Action


Always keep this formula in mind when writing copy. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say this:

Even if you don’t know any other copywriting techniques and strategies, this formula will still help you sell your products and services.

It’s basically what sales people use.

And all copywriting is, is salesmanship in print.

The Dating Formula To High-Converting Sales Copy

Here’s the thing:

When it comes to persuading someone to part with their hard-earned cash, you can’t just straight-up say “Buy my shit.”

Instead, you have to woo them.

Thinking about it, it’s the same as dating. If you’re on a night out and there’s a woman you like the look of, you don’t just go up to her and say “want to come home with me tonight?”

(Or at least I hope you don’t… )

Instead, you grab their attention by making eye contact. You then get her interested by going over to say hi. Then you start flirting to build up her desire.

And it’s only then, once she sees you as her knight in shining armor for the night, that you ask her back to yours.

Anyway, the same applies to your copy.

The first thing you need to do is catch your ideal prospect’s attention.


With your headline. And you need to make sure it stops them dead in their tracks so they read the next line of your copy.

For the record, the best way to do this is knowing your prospect’s state of awareness. It’s something Eugene Schwartz talked about in his book, “Breakthrough Advertising”.

Basically, if your prospect is already familiar with your product, then your headline starts with your product.

If they’re not aware of your product yet, but only of a desire they have, then you start with that desire.

And if they’re not aware of either, then your headline needs to call out the market itself, so your ideal prospect can identify with it.


Right, you’ve got your prospect’s attention.

Now what?

You need to get them interested in reading on. Do this with your opening paragraph. A simple “if/then” formula works here.

For example, I could have started this post with:

“If you want to learn how to write sales copy that gets your ideal prospect shaking with excitement as he whips out his credit card to buy your product, then this article will be one of the most important things you ever read.”

Or something like that.

Moving on.

Next, you have to make your prospect desire your product and, more specifically, the benefits they will get from it.

How do you do this? There’s a few ways.

Stories are powerful – either your own or a client’s.

Start the story off at a negative point in time. Make your prospect think “Holy shit, this could literally be me!”

Then rub salt into the wound by describing how things managed to get even worse (which will make your prospect think “Damn, I’ve still got all this to come… ).

And then finally, when your prospect is in floods of tears and calling for Mummy to cuddle him, lift his spirits up again. In other words, that’s when you introduce your solution that turned your life around.

By now, your prospect’s desire should be through the roof.

And finally?

Your call-to-action.

If you’ve done the three steps before this properly, then, by this point, your prospect will actually be looking forward to buying.

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