Procedure For Proper Article Writing and Submission

Have you ever wondered what the work of a content writer is?

Well, it’s article writing and submission. To be more precious, writing an article in a proper way and then submit it to the company for whom you are writing.

Now, a question may arise that what type of writing is generally preferred?

The writing that will definitely satisfy the customer requirement is preferred. For this to happen, article writing should be done only after through research on particular themes and topics specified for the particular articles.

Also the writer who is writing the article needs to be very careful about the length of the article. It should neither be too long nor too short. The language that will be used for writing the articles should be clear, understandable and specific.

Here are some important steps in article writing and submission:

Do a thorough research on the keywords or topic you want to write the article on.

Jot down the points you find that will be helpful and useful for the article.

It’s better not to apply the “copy & paste” method. Instead, it’s preferred to see the points and write it in your own words. This makes the writing original in content.

Now, divide the article in 4 (four) major parts, namely introduction, main body, conclusion and title.

The introduction part should focus briefly on the things or writings that are shortly following it. Sometimes, why the need for writing an article on such a specified topic can also be explained in this part. Focus on writing the introduction in such a manner that it creates a source of interest on the reader’s mind.

The main body will focus on a detail discussion of the topic. Usage of sub groups, sub paragraphs, images, bullets and numbering, tables can all be used inside this part. Make sure, it meets the requirements of the readers as much as possible.

The conclusion part will briefly highlight a brief summary of the above content and most importantly how the reader will benefit from the article.

Now the most important part. Select an appropriate and interesting title for the article. Also keep it in mind, that it is those sensational titles that 80% of the viewers are attracted to and only for that they start reading the articles. Don’t make the title too long. Always prefer for a short, specific, eye-catching title.

Now, after you write the article you need to be very clear about the submission procedure. While submitting, you should mention properly the title of the article, number of words taken to write the article, your name, date of submission, and most importantly the topic, theme or keyword on which you have written the article.

The article should be interesting and reach in content. Also keep in mind that it’s very important to hold the readers back to the edge of the seat until they finish reading the article. For this, you have to frame the writing of the article in a very attractive format.

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